Saturday, September 25, 2010


So yesterday I officially started and I am pretty excited about having the time off from work. Lord knows I need it. Today I did a little sightseeing in DC. It felt really good leaving the humdrum of Baltimore! So far so good. Only crazy thing is weather. Its alot hotter than I thought it would be lol. Also I have no cell reception in my room, what the heck...

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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Just a little insightful and random ramblings of an artist...

So I have been trying to decide what I should be doing/what I need to be doing. Mentally I think I am in the right place but its the physicality that I am more concerned with. Finding new things to work on and new things to involve myself in become challenging. I more than welcome the challenge but sometimes it becomes really taxing. I know that in the end it will totally be worth it though.

I have been looking into a lot of new endeavors lately and I have gotten a couple of emails with promising opportunities, so I feel pretty good about my outlook for the future. I also need to update my website soon. I have had a couple of people tell me that its time, lol. So maybe I will look into that as well. I will definitely keep you guys informed and make sure you guys are up to date.


Saturday, September 11, 2010

Love of my Life...

She inspires me
When I think of her
I think of what the future will be like.
She makes me dream and visualize
of a world where we are happy.

Her love is what drives me
Her mind is what intrigues me
Her smile warms me

She is what drives me
Her support is immeasurable
Her heart wonderful

I am thankful for her
and thank him for sending her
She makes me happy and I am glad for-
The Love of my Life...


Saturday, September 4, 2010

So, er....

I thought that this post I would give you guys a lil poetry. I was feeling quite poetic today but after working extremely hard today I feel quite BEAT! Good thing about this month though is that three weeks from now I will be on vacation! I am so looking forward to having the time off. Its like it can't come quick enough. I am so looking forward to being able to relax and not worry about going to work the next day or two from the last day I worked. Its going to be so hard to go back. LOL. Well I am tired. Going to lay down now. Stay creative my friends...