Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas Everyone...

Just wanted to wish you guys a safe and happy holiday!


Saturday, December 18, 2010

Last post B4 Xmas...

So this is my last post before xmas as you probably already know being as though that's what the title states. So right to it, eh.

I partially finished my holiday shopping last night wiylth the click of a button. Amazons 1-click shopping is amazing! Mind you I had already amassed a cart full of items prior to yesterday but I GOT FREE SHIPPING!!! I usually do alot of eBaying and I have ordered things off of Amazon rarely. But seeing how easy this process was I might shop Amazon alot more in the future.

I say I am partially done because I feel like I want to get more gifts for my family. My girlfriend will tell you that I am a very giving person. I don't know what it is bit for someone who finds the xmas holiday to not be all that exciting, I sure get into the giving spirit. I love making my family happy. So in a way I tend to want to over-give, if there is such a thing. My future wife and mother of my kids is definitely going to have veto power over me. (LOVE YOU ASH!)

In a way, I think my brain forces me to procrastinate around xmas time because it knows I might one day break the bank if I start xmas shopping to early;) to you guys on Xmas day...


Saturday, December 11, 2010

2 Weeks...

I wonder if its possible to lose the Christmas spirit. I mean I enjoy giving gifts but the whole getting caught up in the moment seem to do nothing for me. I mean when I was younger I loved Xmas its just gotten to the point where Xmas doesn't really seem that big. I mean when I have kids I know its to have a lot bigger of a meaning to me again.

Maybe thats where the Xmas spirit lies in me, gift giving. I get a thrill out of making people happy and seeing their faces light up. Thats the other thing though that I think maybe suffers from that strong sense of Xmas spirit. Every year I go this year I am going to start Xmas shopping early. Lo and behold, here it is 2 weeks exactly before Xmas and I have yet to really start Xmas shopping;) Maybe one day I will get that infusion of Xmas spirit again.


Saturday, December 4, 2010

To Substitute or Not to Substitute...

So I have lately realized that some meat dishes are quite proprietary;) Today for example I had an Asian dish called Mongolian Beef except I didn't have beef I substituted it with vegetables. In its Mongolian Beef variation, it has tender cuts of beef, julienne carrots and peppers, scallions, mushrooms and snap peas. It is served with rice or noodles. It also served in this great sauce. Wow. But I digress...So I am quite familiar with this dish but I haven't had it since go vegetarian. I got it and I let it rest because everyone knows that some Chinese food just has to rest. When I went to take my first bite, I felt that it was sorta lacking. This beautiful and gorgeous concoction to my palette tasted sans the beef like it was made for beef. It was as if someone made the world's greatest egg salad and forgot to put the eggs in it. Granted it probably just wasn't made well but as someone who loved this dish without the meat it just wasn't cutting it. This is one of them instances where I am sure one of my meatatarian friends would go "see you gotta have meat!" I wonder what other dishes I will find in my future endeavors that I feel can't have its meat substituted out or will I go so far that I can no longer tell the difference? Hmmm...I just thought I would share this little thought with you, my faithful few. That's all for now.