Saturday, November 29, 2008


Hello faithful few. I come to you this weekend a bit tired but relaxed. My thought for this post is the Obama craze or the aptly named "Obama-mania." I wonder as an artist should I get caught up in the fray or should I just sit back an just enjoy the moment. I mean just about everyday I am seeing someone bring in a print or I am looking through a newspaper or magazine or someone has a shirt on that is in our president-elects' likeness. Today this guy came into my job and he had this guy who was really inebriated. So this guy starts babbling on about how good the dude was, how he had drew Obama, Dr. King and Kennedy in front of the white house. I am sure some of you guys have seen the Sheppard Fairey posters of Obama. I believe those prints will become about as popular as Al Pacino as Scarface lounging in his desk chair or the I want you Uncle Sam posters. I am wondering if this is going to end up being overkill. If pretty soon you will be able to go into Wal-Mart and find all of these cheesy framed prints of our next president.

I wonder if I should be doing some Obama drawings or some Obama paintings. Should I jump on that bandwagon? Should I buy into the whole craze at the risk of being kitschy? I don't know yet. I think I have to think on it more before I jump into the foray.

That's all I have for you guys this week.

Until next week sometime, namaste and stay strong...

Friday, November 21, 2008

A few things...

Hello faithful few, its that wonderful time of the week. When you guys come and check out whats going on in my world. Well I have a few things for you guys today.

I am still working on my top secret project so I don't have anything for you guys yet on that front. But next week I will have some pictures of some of my sketches and drawings that I am working on for you guys.

I was wondering if I should change the description of my blog. I mean I say its a random weekly blog but it seems that lately save for a couple of posts I have been only posting on Saturdays. What do you guys think?

We are 59 days away from the presidential inauguration and I am excited. It will finally be official at that time. I will hopefully be in attendance for this historical occasion. I can hardly wait to hear him take the presidential oath. Where will you be when it happens!

That's all I have for you guys this week and if I don't come to you before Thursday, I hope you guys have a safe and great Thanksgiving!

Until sometime next week, namaste and stay strong

Saturday, November 15, 2008


Hello faithful few, How are you guys feeling? I am feeling good I believe. Just got back to work yesterday from a weeks' vacation and I am already ready for another one. LOL.

I didn't dedicate too much time to art but I am working on a top secret art project now. I can't speak about it now because like I said its top secret. Shhh! When I am done I will let you guys in on it. It will be well worth the secrecy.

I am also going to be working on a series of drawings soon and I will be able to definitely tell you guys about it as soon as I start it. This is a very short post this week but I promise you guys I am going to get more engaging in the coming weeks.

Until sometime next week, namaste and stay strong...

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Yes we did...

Hello faithful few...Wow! We did it. We really did it. We elected an African-American to the highest position in our country. We elected Barack Hussein Obama, president. I am excited and really happy. I am glad that I got to see in my lifetime, a black president. We are in the thralls of history now. Sure he has inherited a mess of a country and we probably won't really see too many changes right away. But give him a year or so into his administration, we will begin to make great strides.

That's all I have for you this week, but I just had to come in and let you know how thrilled I am to have been apart of history.

Until next week sometime, namaste and stay strong...

Saturday, November 1, 2008

The final weekend...

Hello faithful few, it's that time again. I know some posts back I mentioned being done with talking about the election, so this weeks post is going to be short one. It will be a short one because I can't think of anything to talk about bigger than this monumental election. I figured I would do this post here and implore you guys to vote this coming Tuesday. Let your voice be heard. Also be careful when voting, after you vote for your candidate of choice, make sure you take your time voting on the many referendums and propositions that you will have to vote on as well.

That's all have for you guys this week.

Until sometime next week, namaste and stay strong...