Saturday, October 26, 2013

The Dharma and the Sea or The Old Man and Bums...

Hey faithful few, I know I said that I would post images for you guys this week and I have started working on them but I want to expand upon my post from last week.  

The other day I was thinking about letting go and taking leaps of faith and how for the most part of my life how I've played it safe...and then I thought how I decided a few weeks ago to take a giant leap and break that habit of playing it safe. I then realized that I was finally feeling the wind beneath my feet. 

Today its been 1 month to the date that I moved Baltimore to Charlotte.

I feel like such a free spirit right Hemingway or Kerouac...a lot of times the feeling is euphoric but also in a catch-22-kind of way its harrowing. I say harrowing because for someone who has almost always played it safe, this sort of feeling seems like it can lead to "slackitude-ness" or carelessness. Even though I have mixed thoughts on this feeling, I am enjoying it. I'm enjoying it because its a new feeling for me. It's fun. My mind right now feels so clear right now. I gotta say that right now I am in a very good place. I wish I would have done this years ago.

The image below is one of the pics I took a couple of weeks ago. I figured I'd post at least one image for you guys this week...again I am going to try and get some more for you guys next week.

Until then...


Saturday, October 19, 2013

"Warp Speed, Mr Chekov" or "Like Sands through an Hourglass..."

This week was pretty much a blur to me. I got a lot done including today but I didn't focus a lot on my pieces. I haven't even gotten around to uploading my images yet. I probably devote most of tomorrow to get that done.

Next week for sure I will have some images for you.

I have just been trying to get myself fully acclimated to southern living. I got say I am having a great time getting used to it. I am still trying to make it feel like home. I've been here close to a month and at times, it feels like I am on extended vacation. The other day I was mailing a letter and I almost addressed it with my old address. Still hasn't hit me I guess.

Until next time...


Saturday, October 12, 2013

Work and other rambling stuffs...

Hey faithful few, so yesterday I went out and shot some nature and landscape images with my camera. I need to upload them and see what I got. I think I got some good shots though. Some of the images I plan on printing out and using in some assemblage paintings.

I believe I am finally getting used to living in a new town. Its starting to "not" feel like an extended vacation. I have been ramping up the job search and I have been doing a little sketching. So I am keeping myself busy in this down time.

Next week if I remember I will share some of the stuff I have been working on.

Until next week...


Saturday, October 5, 2013

Travelin' Man or Howdy folks...

I had my first full week in Charlotte and I gotta say faithful few I am loving it! I have had a really clear head lately. I feel I am in a good space right now. The change of scenery so far has been great. I'm getting to know the city on a should I say it...a more "native" kind of way. Before I was just a visitor, now I am a resident.

A lot of simple things have been happening and that I have been doing that has made this transition seem quite smooth. Don't get me wrong I do miss my family and friends but I am loving this new found "care-free" attitude I am feeling exuding from my "personage"(Don't judge me...) Feels good...real good.

I guess that part that really feels good to me is the fact that I followed through. I had the faith to jump off the cliff with an old parachute and know that when I needed it to, that the old parachute would open and not let me down. Its still going to be about a month before this really feel like home for me but I am really excited about finally really enjoying myself.

Today I finally went and got myself a photo printer. The other day while on one of my "nature walks" to the dumpster, I decided that I am going to start taking my T2i out with me and snapping up some of these landscapes and forestry that I see and work on a little digital manipulations. I also need to stop by the art store and pick up an easel so I can set up a little outdoor studio on my balcony. The view from my balcony is not super spectacular but it does give me a view of the comings and goings of my complex not to mention the trees that adorn the entrance and greet me every time I look out the window. I received most of my supplies that I had shipped to me so its time to get cracking on some stress-free art, you know...

In a way I feel like a recluse, which I find as a funny thing since I have always been somewhat of a lone wolf. Sometimes I sit and think about what if long ago (" the time before...," if you know me you should get this allusion) when I decided that I wanted to leave the great "state" city of Baltimore and actually did it, where would I be now? Would I even be living in the states? I have always (since about 14) dreamed of spending time in Japan. Maybe, I'd be living in Germany or I'd find myself in Macau..I'm not a gambler but who knows...The point is now I feel like there are endless opportunities out there for me and I have only just begun to explore them!

That's all I have for you guys this weekend, enjoy...