Saturday, February 25, 2012

Black History Pt. 2 - the Conclusion.

I had written up this really long post this week for you guys about black history month. It was my part 2 to my end of the month black history posts. As I was going through my previous posts looking for a post that I was going to reference here, I noticed that in a couple of post I had already said pretty much what I had planned to say. Pretty weird, huh? So I figured I would just post the links for you guys that way you can checked them out. I'll include them at the end of my post.

For me, Black History Month should be about making sure that "our" history is preserved for younger generations. It should not only be taught in schools but in the home as well. Kids should be aware of not just the famous African-Americans but also the not-so famous. They should know for everyone of our people who had to endure and persevere to succeed there are those who didn't make it. For every Frederick Douglass, there was a Rubin Stacy. For every Dred Scott, there was a George Stinney Jr. These are people that most kids will never learn about in school but they are just as big to the history of the African-American race. I think it's paramount that the youth of today, especially the black youth of today, be made aware of all aspects of "our" history.

I am glad I had the opportunity to share these last two blogs with you guys this month. I hope I have enlightened you somewhat as well as maybe pointed you towards learning more about Black History. Not just for Black History Month sake but for your own personal quests for knowledge.

"Knowledge is Power"

-Sir Francis Bacon



2 past links on Black History Month as promised. Enjoy...

Black History Post from 2010

9Black History Post from 200

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Black History Post pt. 1

So this week for you guys I am posting two links for you that I found very informative in researching black history.

The links are:

Link #1 Black History Month time line from early slavery to affirmative action.


Link #2 Another good place to start researching.


I know this is a short post but next week I will have a longer post to close out black history month. I might include a few bios on some of my favorite black historical figures. I hope you guys Comeback to enjoy it.




Saturday, February 11, 2012

Black History Month...does it still exist?

 Is Black History month still relevant? Think about it a sec...How many of you actually remembered that it was Black History Month? Here we almost halfway through the month and it doesn't feel like Black History Month.  I have seen a few things on the interwebs  related to Black History Month but nothing major. Its like it has been eradicated from the lexicon of our collective brains. I remember when I was a kid it was everywhere. There was commercials, shows and promotions geared around Black History Month.  Now not so much. 

Is it because it is ingrained in our heads to celebrate the history of our people not just in February but every month of the year? Is it because supposedly "the American black" has increasingly advanced beyond where we used to be? What do you guys think? I wonder if because we are placing so much emphasis on the financial downfall/public outcry towards the government the last few years to pay attention to "any" of our history months, I.e. Black, Women, and Latino. Again, I wonder what you guys think about that

Well I for one will be doing my part this month.  The last two weeks of the month I am going to try and have my post geared towards African American history from an artist perspective.  I am still going to probably post pics of what I am working on right now but I will also talk a little about artists that have made a difference to me and artist that have influenced me.  I hope you guys find it informative.  



Saturday, February 4, 2012

Feeling quite creative, or HEY! Look what I did...

 Hello faithful few, I am feeling a lot better this week.  It's been exactly a week since we buried my Mom. I am still dealing with that internal but I am feeling quite inspired and motivated to making sure I do what I have to do to be more productive and to move forward with my life.  No more excuses. No more holding back. This is actually the third blog I have written the past 2 days; the second one today.  My other two blogs can be found here and here. Feel free to follow them as well.  I don't update them as frequently as I do this one but I  do occasionally post to them. My post on those blogs are more random. So let's get to discussing some good ol' art.

This week I have two pieces of work that I would like to share with you guys.  The first piece is from my series of work that I started on a few weeks ago involving Lynching and the second piece is an abstract piece.  I have yet to decide where the second piece fit in with what I have been trying to do.  I can say that the 2nd one was born out of an exchange with me and the GF. So without further ado...


 The topmost picture is the finished image.  I included a close-up pic for you guys so you could see more of how I moved the medium around and also see how I let some of the texture of the paper show through.

Now the second piece is still a work in progress.  I can tell you guys that it is the same piece from my last post of last year.  You can find that post "richea" The first image is what I came up with after multiple applications of paint and masking off of areas.

 The next image is what the painting looks like after I have removed all of the masking tape.

 The last three images are just details of the full image. The two sides and down the center of the image.

The left side...

 The right side...


 And the final image, down the center...



One day I will get myself I better digital camera so I can take higher res photos for you guys.  I used my iPad to take these pictures and it didn't really do the pics a lot of justice.  I mean in some of the detail photos you can still see the multiple layers and textures but at a higher resolution, you can really see the depth of this piece.  In person it has a lot of energy and vibrancy. In some spots of the painting, I am thinking about going in and pulling back out some of the hard edges.  Through the miracle of modern technology, I am going to undertake this task without actually altering the image.  That way I can see if it really needs it or if I should leave it as is. And as usual, whatever I do, I will be sure to inform you guys of the progress.  Until next week...