Saturday, December 31, 2011

A New Year is Coming...

Hello faithful few...the New Year is among us and you know I don't feel like its really here yet.  For me the New Year begins 11 days later (Jan 12, my born day) Anywho...I thought I would share pics with you guys this weekend.  I did say that I would. So I'm quit my yapping and get right into sharing.

These first set of images are of my Rhinacorn figure. The body is a Munny vinyl toy from Kid Robot that I am currently painting and the helmet that I made and shared with you guys a few weeks ago. I still have a bit of work to do on Munny so I will keep you guys updated.  Next...

Now these images are images of a painting I am working on. It has already gone through quite a few transformations as you can see. I love the process of adding and taking away from something. Nothing like a little deconstructing to get the creative juices flowing. 

I also wanted to let you guys know that this week I finally started my tech blog. You can check it out at  I don't know how often I will blog there but I will try to do it as often as I can find something that I have done or something I have read/seen that is blog-worthy. 

That's all I have for you guys this week. I hope you guys have a safe and enjoyable New Years.


Saturday, December 24, 2011

Happy Holidays...

Hello faithful few, I just wanted to stop by this weekend and wish you guys a safe and wonderful holiday. Next week I will have drawings and other art goodies for you guys to feast your eyes upon!!! -Namaste

Saturday, December 17, 2011

The Golden Rhinacorn

Hello Faithful you can see I have presented your eyes with a glorious piece of art! I really glad that I got the chance to finish this for you guys. And if you aren't too busy and are quite curious about my process and thinking behind the later stages of this piece (I know you are cause you would just love to get into my mind); head over to YouTube and find my channel. You can find me at ArtStarConfidential. I have a video on my channel under the same name as this post. Well that's all I have for you folks today. Thanks for letting me share. -Namaste

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Beginnings of something new...

So faithful few, how are you? Funny its getting close to the end of the year. Where does all that time get off to? 2012 here we come!!! So I did this little drawing today and one of my co-workers saw it and said to me, "Man, I know you said you were going dark but I didn't know how dark you were going. That's pretty dark" I told him that this is just a preliminary drawing. Its nowhere near done. He has only seen me do somewhat playful and sort of straightforward work. Come to think of it a lot of people haven't seen some of my earlier work (These are people that I have met Post-BFA.) So to them where I am going to go is going to be an extreme departure from what they normally have come to expect from me. Hopefully as I do more work, I will remember to post images for you guys. Sometimes I get to thinking about other things and forget to share. Don't hold it against;) Until next time... -Namaste

Saturday, December 3, 2011


Hello faithful are you guys? How was your week?  Mines was pretty easy-going. I did a little more soul-searching and researching for the work that I alluded to last week.  It's been really fun just doing the brainstorming.   As it gets closer to the new year, I want to really begin putting pencil to paper so to speak.Also next year I want to explore doing work with art organizations and/or looking into joining one and being active in the organizations. While I am somewhat immersed in the arts, I need to make it more apart of my life.  I really need to eat, sleep and think art.  I am almost at the point in my life where I need to make the hard decisions. I have a birthday coming up in a few short weeks and it's time for me to grab the bull by the horn and attack it head on.   I have thought about the direction that my life is going in a lot recently. Don't get me wrong, I have loved my life up till now.  I believe with every passing year my life has gotten better.  I mean it definitely could be better but I am thankful and feel fortunate for everything I have and everything I have accomplished so far.  I hope you guys will continue to share in this journey with me. -Namaste

Saturday, November 26, 2011


So as promised I am going to really really give you guys a nice blog post. I am a lot better this week but I didn't get this typed up and to you guys early like i said I would in my last post...but....I'm here now right? Well faithful few, let get on with it then... The title of this post could very well be called "Back to my Roots" but I decided to leave it untitled. In art school I started to focus on race in my work right around my junior year.  Race is always a touchy subject with people so it makes for really good conversation pieces when creating any type of art.  Somewhere along the line I lost the conversational tone in my work.  Now I am not saying that I lost my "Aatisuto no michi" but let's just say that I have strayed from the path.  I have had moments when I have went through dry spells when it came to creating but this totally different.   The work I have been doing in the years preceding my time from art school has not dealt with race to often. That doesn't come from lack of subject matter; subject matter for me has been more about the continuance of creating.  I have been more concerned with keeping the creative juices flowing.  I know what you are saying where does "Back to my Roots" fit into this post.  I will get to that in a sec.  In some ways the more I strayed away race, the more I believe race in my work and mind has been secretly calling out to me. Lately I have stumbled across articles, images, and even stories that have caused me to rethink the direction my work has been going.  I have been for the longest time, a black artist creating art.  I have discussed with you guys almost ad nauseam about my internal struggle with the "black art vs black artist creating art" so I am not going to touch on that too much this post.  Ill revisit that matter sometime later.   I have begun to brainstorm about some new work that will take me "Back to my Roots".  I think the reason for my departure from this subject matter in the beginning was because I got bored with it so to speak.  The boredom didn't come from not having enough to talk about.  I believe it came from me holding back.  One thing I have always tried to avoid was coming off like an angry black man in my work or more importantly; like I am some "fascist pig" spewing out propaganda.  I have decided that I will begin to explore the subject matter of Race again and this time I won't deprive myself of gaining my full potential by putting myself in the proverbial "box". I plan on busting the seams of said "box". I hope to take you guys on this journey and I will be glad to have you along for the ride!  -Namaste

Saturday, November 19, 2011


Hey faithful few, I am under the weather today so I am not going to try and do the blog I wanted to do for you guys today. I will probably post it early next week so be looking for that ok.


Saturday, November 12, 2011

Tech -to- Art

So I couldn't decide on whether or not I wanted to do an actual post this week or do a video.  I decided to just let you know what's on my mind via letters. So for right now I am going to "Occupy" your eyes;)  I picked up my new IPad this week and right out the gate I was amazed with it.  It was as advertised.  Lightweight and fast.  Zooooooommmmm.  I have had some processor unfriendly apps on my first gen iPad that when ever I opened them they would immediately crash.  Even ones that weren't as powerful would crash.  I can remember always having to open safari back up because it crashed; what a pain!  Sketchbook Pro, was at times extremely unusable.  I could probably get in about 5 minutes in with it and it would crash.  Very frustrating "don't you know!"  I was using it a few hours ago on my iPad 2 and no problems whatsoever.  At some point I am going to purchase iMovie and begin to do some video editing.  So look for some cool little things by way of video from me in the future.  But enough about my tech obsession.  Next week I will finally take a vacation this year.  Its been a long year. I am not going anywhere so it will be a "staycation".  I plan on catching up on some reading, some movies that I have stockpiled and also making some art.  I was telling one of my co-workers how I am going to try and do a lot of drawing next week.  I have been getting a little lax and rusty lately there when it comes to drawing, so what better time then a staycation then to make it happen.  I am actually pretty excited about my week to come.  I should have a lot to talk to you guys about next week.  Probably if I can too bored and feel like I have too much time on my hands, I might end up blogging earlier than usual.  In any event, I look forward to sharing with you guys. -Namaste

Saturday, November 5, 2011

A-HA!!! 7-7-10-7-5-3-2

So I recently discovered that it can be pretty easy to understand "The Guitar" My dad has been playing practically all his life. He is a wizard at "strummin' and pluckin' an axe" (I know that was probably really corny but " what, who cares!!!!") I can recall as a kid, my dad trying to give me lesson...let me just say that was an utter and total mess! No matter what he did, it seemed like he was trying to teach me the evolution of time as it pertains to physical systems in numbers;) I never, ever got it. I don't know maybe it was just me being a boy who felt like his dad was trying to teach him something that eventually would always feel like a task or a chore. My grandmother even brought me an acoustic (which I still have to this day) I would play around with it now and then but I never knew exactly what the hell I was doing. A few years ago, I even replaced the strings on it. Picked it up strummed it and again no dice. I have always told myself that I got my artistic gene from my dad but instead of manifesting as music, it manifested itself as art.

Flash forward...Back in April of this year I purchased an iPad. One of the first apps I purchased was GarageBand. I spent many a night playing around with GarageBand "strumming and plucking" the different guitars on the app. Even going as far as learning a very, very elementary/amateurish version of the opening rift to Free Bird.
I hadn't played around with GarageBand in a few weeks but a couple of weeks ago I got the urge to learn a little Seven Nation Army (YES, I am a White Stripes fan; don't JUDGE ME!!!) So I found myself late one night watching YouTube tutorials on how to play the chords on a guitar of all instruments. After watching these videos it finally clicked. Some of the things my dad was saying to me back then began to make sense. I actually began to understand the guitar. Frets became extremely clear to me! For the next couple of days all I kept hearing in my head was the tabs to Seven Nation Army...7...7...10...7...5...3...2 over and over and over...It made me feel so great!

I will definitely continue to follow this up and I will continually share with you guys my experience...


Saturday, October 22, 2011

RHINACORN...The beginning

So...I have decided with help from others that I need to create a complete origin story for the Rhinacorn.
I have been thinking about it for a while now. I have discussed it at work ad nausem. So I think its finally time to put something down. I have been brainstorming preliminary ideas for an origin story for the Rhinacorn the past couple of days and I am torn between a short story or a novella. I have been using this character a lot lately so its only natural that it is taking up a big part of my "mental capacity" to function as an artist. (It may not seem like it but I did say something, LOL) I start one thing and somewhere along the line or should I say along my artistic process, I am drawn back to the Rhinacorn. I don"t want to get to deep in thought right now about exactly what he means to me as for fear of spoiling the work to come. In the next couple of weeks I will have a brief summation of where I am going with this for you guys. And as always I look forward to sharing with you Faithful few -Namaste

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Deathmatch: Tweets VS. TV News...

There was a time that I would do my best to keep abreast of what was going on in the world. Lately I find myself not really getting into current events. I am a twitterer, so I get a lot of my info from there. Usually when something happens or something is going on, I check Twitter. I just find it hard sometimes to watch the news. Its weird...I mean watching the news you are getting the same perspective from same source and from one angle, whereas with twitter you have your own news source in a big aspect the entire public opinion. In my mind it makes for a better source of news. There is nothing like getting the public spin on things as they are happening. That's my little rant for the week. See you guys next week. -Namaste 

Saturday, October 8, 2011

"Sometimes home isn't where the he(ART) is..." or "Just PAINT!"

As I write this to you guys tonight, I have been wondering where my artistic voice has gone. I am not saying that it has disappeared, it just comes and goes a lot. It used to be that I could(would) constantly be creating but now I am stuck somewhere between starting and finishing. I currently have about 7 things that I am "in the middle of". I keep telling myself that I need a studio to work out of because the trappings of home keeps me stagnant. It's not hard to focus at home, it's just that there is no disconnect between me and my work. I'll start a series and then I have to look at it everyday. I mean sure I could cover it up and not have to focus on it but at home for sure there is always a chance of me feeling like I have to finish everything NOW. Don't get me wrong there is nothing wrong with finishing but I don't like for it to feel forced. At least if my work is nowhere near me it will give me and the work time to "miss each other". It's nothing like being away from you work and itching to get to it because you want to work on it. I mean with a studio I still would be able to work on my work but it wouldn't be as easy as just grabbing it and trying to make it happen. I definitely need a dedicated studio space. I need to see if I can find a residence somewhere, I don't know.
I know sometime ago I kind of discussed with you guys this same subject but I just felt talking it out again would again motivate me to get it in gear. I plan on sharing more posts like this with you guys in the future. I have noticed that I haven't been opening up as much with you guys about my motivation or lack of motivation thereof when it comes to my work.


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Saturday, October 1, 2011

Hmmmm TECH IS 4 DA Nerds and all of us...

So it seems that the informationsuperwebsthoroughway is in a form of simplistic yet futuristic look to its web pages. I mean society with in itself is evolving into a sort of digital copy of itself. In my honest "techno-geekian" opinion, we will totally miss the full-on holographic phase of technology. We will instead be viewed in how many pixels we are;) That's totally ok because I feel that the technology that techies a generation ago wished for is extremely outdated. Only beef with our ever-evolving culture now is that the companies rush the tech out to consumers. Some of this high powered devices are in the hands of people who are quite ready for the explosiveness that companies give them. Then they not only have to contend with getting the hang of it but they also have to contend with 5 or 6 months later a device or piece of hardware coming out that totally replaces or make their freshly "new" items seem obsolete. There is in the future going to be a real market for people who are in the "know" when it comes to things like this. I wouldn't feel too bold if I said I believe that is the reason there are some many tech blogs and channels out there now. Well I just wanted to give you guys my spin on the evolution of tech as it stands so to speak. And as I am typing this of the new simplistic layout of Blogger, I feel like something is missing from the setup of this page. I guess I will know how it goes once I hit publish. -Namaste

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Blogging in the heat of the moment or Who put pepper in the Froot Loops...

I consider myself to be quite a strange individual sometimes. I have strange habits and practices. (Right sock, right shoe...left sock, left shoe in that order every day since I was about 14 for example.) I have been told that I have very eclectic taste when it comes to music and movies. (I have no problem cranking The Go Team and then following that up with Pomplamoose or Jim Jones.) I don't do things the way I guess most "normal" ppl do them. I totally accept my "strangeness". I actually take it in stride. To me it's apart of my creative process. Now I am not saying my "strangeness" is a part of some persona I have created but it merely helps fuel that creativity. In my own little world my "strangeness" is persona grata.

I believe if one truly wants to tap into their creative side they can't do so with out reaching into their "strange gene". Usually my ideas come purely from some weird thought. I can't even begin to imagine the exact number of ideas I can up with based on my love of the "strange". I mean I have a character called "The Rhinacorn". If you guys only knew the real story behind the Rhinacorn, you guys would be like "what is going through dudes head...what is he on?" And I would tell you guys that I am high off of "pushing the envelope"...I'm tripping off of "thinking outside the box" and tweaking on "...there are no mistakes, just happy accidents". (Trust me, I could get cornier)

I hope you guys enjoyed this little post this week. If not, then it wasn't meant for you. Go punch a bunny in the face or something...

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Saturday, September 17, 2011

In Remembrance of 9/11

On this past Sunday we remembered the most devastating attack most of us have ever witnessed or experienced in our lifetime. Sunday was the ten year anniversary of the terrorist attacks in NY, PA, and DC. Around the country there was services remembering and honoring those who lost love ones and those who helped on that horrendous day in American history. It's a day that none of us well ever forget.

I remember exactly where I was on that fateful night. At the time I was actually in art school in DC (Corcoran!!!). I had actually overslept that morning which meant I missed my train and I definitely wouldn't be making it to class that morning. I remember waking up to my phone ringing like crazy. I answered it and one of my friends was concerned with my whereabouts. I told her why what's wrong, I am still at home. She was like you haven't seen the news I take it. She was worried about me. Then I started getting more calls from concerned friends. So by now I had gotten quite curious. I turned on the news and it was hard to explain what I was feeling at that precise moment. At first I couldn't believe what I was actually seeing. It was extremely surreal. Watching the TV coverage after awhile became hard to take in. I had to turn it off. After the first couple of hours it became...I don't know how exactly to explain it but it was hard to watch.

Flash forward a few months later and The Corcoran Gallery had an exhibit which featured images and video from 9/11 taken by journalists and everyday people. I remember saying to myself one day when we broke for lunch that I would walk up to the gallery and check it out. When I got up there it brought about those same feelings I had when I saw the events unfolding on TV that fateful day. I remember walking through the gallery and seeing all these images. They were quite graphic to say the least. The ambiance of the room almost gripped you and pulled you into to this kind of sad and melancholy vortex. It was a very powerful exhibit. I spent quite a while wandering and observing the imagery. I am going to end my post right here but before I go I just want to share this final remembrance with you guys. I mean I know this happened. We talked about it in just about every class when I went back to school. We talked about it at work. We talked about it back in Baltimore. All around me were constant reminders but it was the last image I checked out which really made it hit home for me...this stopped me dead in my tracks. It pulled me in. The last image really choked me up. I was extremely heartbroken. My country had been viciously attacked and it really hurt me. It hurt like hell. The last image I checked out in the exhibit was a picture of a severed leg of lady. I knew it was a ladies' leg because it still had on a ladies red pump...

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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Sometimes you gotta suck lemons...

Hello faithful few, I just wanted to let you guys know what was going on. Well let's see...I am currently still in the process of trying to come up with a format for this tech blog I want to start. It should be an easy thing, right...well it's proving to be a wee bit complicated. I don't want to just set myself up to be simply making a blog about me rambling about tech. I could just do that here lol. No, I want this other blog to be quite informative and somewhat educational. Plus it's not a blog that I would be doing weekly. It'll be one where I share with you guys tips and other interesting things about all thing technological. I would also use it as a reference guide for friends and anyone who needed help with basic tech questions/points. I mean I help a lot of friends and family out. They almost always make me their go-to-guy. So a place where i could point them to after I initially help them would be great! I also need to manage my time wisely so I don't spend too much time trying to keep the blog going. Cool thing about technology though is that there is always "an app for that." So be looking for me to post a link to that blog in the coming weeks. Soon...its coming trust me!

I have also been trying to find ways to keep me motivated artistically. I have been having these moments a lot recently where I have so many great ideas and I start creating and right in the middle of these masterpieces; I lose the thought behind the idea. It's as if my mind is trying not to finish the creative process if it senses that the idea is not fully developed. Which is weird, being as though the purpose for starting the creation is to develop the idea. Maybe I need to go away somewhere and sit with my sketchbook. Just sit there and spend time with it. Really attack it. I should plan my vacation around that idea. You know just thinking about it right now, it sounds like a real good idea. You know that's why I really enjoy talking to you guys. I feel like when I pour my heart out to you guys sometimes and it really opens me up. Clears the air and my mind a lot. Thanks guys for allowing me to share:)


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Saturday, September 3, 2011

Note to my 26 yr old "SELF", Act1, Scene1...

So if I could travel back in time and impart you with some words of wisdom, what exactly would I say to you? I often ponder what if I had done things differently, were would I be now? What if I traveled back 10 years and say to you dude, maybe you should take more graphic design classes...mix it up a little...or maybe you should have applied to art school out west...maybe now is the time for you to become a vegetarian. I wonder "SELF" how would me helping you make those decisions then affect my now? Who knows "SELF"? Don't get me wrong, I love my life, my family, my friends, my girl and the course my life is taking right now. It's just sometimes "SELF" you have this period of reflection...a period of what-ifs...a period of "if I could go back, what would I change...".

"SELF," there are some things that I wouldn't allow you to change for the world. I would have a deep fear of what it might do to "OUR" future. How it would hurt bonds we would build going would probably change "OUR" view of would definitely change things!

NO! You know what I would do "SELF?" I would better prepare you for what comes next. I would help you to be stronger. I wouldn't exactly guide you down the path but I would help you to stay focus and help you to understand that it might not happen in 10 or maybe even 15 years; but the stronger you get the more you will persevere. I would also let you know that on the way to getting stronger, that it's ok to open's ok to give in to your emotions. Try not to keep them so bottled up. And "SELF"...I might not see it on the outside but inside it only keeps getting better...

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Hurricane Irene

I started out my Saturday night watching the news reports on Hurricane Irene. I started to think about how...what's the words I am looking overly-dramatic the newscasters can get. I mean we look to them to show us the severity of the situation but sometimes I think they choose adjectives that do more that just inform us but incite fear. Now don't get me wrong, we should not take natural disasters lightly. They ARE things to take very seriously, I just think that the newscasters can do a better job of conveying that message. Some people just can't handle the wording that these newscaster use, in my opinion. Needless to say, I am sure I will get most of my hurricane info from twitter. At least there I can look forward to get the news with out the overly dramatic tones. I don't think anyone on there is trying to win a daytime Emmy. At least I hope not...


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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Crime Happens or How I survived life in Baltimore...

When I was a kid I had plenty of dream places I wanted to live. Well some of the places weren't dream places but places that I could actually see myself living in. NY and Tokyo to be exact. Once I got older I started dreaming about other places and after I visited certain places; they started to creep into those "I wouldn't mind living there" places. For those of you who know me personally, you know I hold an extreme special place for Chicago. For this post I will probably pick on Chicago a lot. Maybe not. :)

All of these places I have dreamed of and thought of in my mind would be great places to go. Great places to start a new life in. Most of the places stateside I "habitatually covet" are high crime destinations. Coming from the little big city that is Baltimore, I am all to familiar with crime. I think in some ways I have gotten to a place where in my mind it's almost a way of life in Baltimore. I won't say I am desensitized to it but when you live in a city that averages 40 murders per 100k people and only has a little over 650K; you get that "I living in Baltimore...that's how they do" feeling.

In a way when I am a city like New York or Chicago, which are just as violent; it seems easy to feel like I belong or like it's not like I haven't lived in this environment before. I recall visiting Chicago about 8 years ago waiting for my ride at the Dan Ryan Expressway, up around 95th and Dan Ryan. I was told just stay where I was and to not to wander because it was a dangerous neighborhood. Pretty unsavory. But I sometimes like to think of myself as a "man's man" so I wandered a little bit. After seeing some of the exchanges, interactions and "unsavoriness," I came to the conclusion that this is not unlike anything I have seen before. In my mind it was just like the "410" except it was the "773." All through life, I have heard from people that you don't want to go there or you shouldn't go in that neighborhood. I have a friend who has worked in DC about 15 years. In 2000 when I started college in DC, he warned me about SE DC. "You don't want to spend too much time there...". I remember one day being on the metro back to Union Station and hearing this altercation between two old guys and the one old guy screamed he was from SE and the other humbled himself. I remember at the point saying to myself, I MUST VENTURE TO SE DC! Again not unlike anything you would see in Baltimore. I feel like there are a lot of us who do realize that Baltimore was dangerous way before The Wire.

I am one of those people who while in their mind knows that things are rough still feels like he is being adventurous when walking into certain "dangerous" surroundings. Don't get me wrong I am not so naive that I would blindly walk into let's say a war torn country but I do have no qualms with walking into an urban city that many people have viewed or view as "hell on earth.". I guess you can see it's a matter of strong faith or zen belief, if you will.

I talk so much about how I would love to live in Chicago or New York. I talk about what a great experience it would be to do so. I never think about the crime. The crime rarely comes up. If we were to go by what statistics say, it's probably safer to say its safer to live in Chicago or New York than Baltimore. Now I know a lot of people may disagree with me but as I mentioned before my mind has basically taken crime out of the equation. I am always hearing people who have moved here talking about how Baltimore is such a great place to live and have often wondered if they even think of baltimore as a dangerous city. I know that might come off as contradictory of my argument earlier in this post but that's just my native baltimorean mind speaking. As someone from here, I have it ingrained in my mind no matter how much or how often, I view crime here as commonplace. As a matter of fact, I sometimes wonder if I have the opportunity to live in a "Chicago" will I adopt that same mindset as people who move here. My bets on YES.
Well, I am glad I got the chance to share with you guys. I hope my ramblings didn't go off kilter too far and lose it's cohesiveness. If it did, I hope you guys caught the gist of it. I will continue this topic again at a later date. Until then...


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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Submission for Show

This is a video of my latest piece. I might post some more pics of it next week.


Saturday, August 6, 2011

I sometimes ramble...but So What..."Who Cares..."

Hello Faithful few, how are you guys doing this week? So today a I did my first in-depth YouTube video(Check out my channel, my YouTube username is ArtStarConfidential.) I intended for it to be a quick video on what I have on my IPad at the moment but as I was shooting it the time got away from me. It is close to 13 mins long! "Lord, I was born a Ramblin' Man..." One of the weirdest things is to hear yourself talk. I have people who tell me all the time I like to run my mouth but when you record yourself and actually hear yourself you might be amazed at sometimes how much you DO actually run your mouth. I guess you never know how much you truly have to say until you actually open your mouth...LOL.

I am currently working on a drawing that I am hoping to finish by end of next week or the beginning of the following week. I will have some progression drawings for you guys maybe next week. I really have been trying to get back in the habit of creating. Don't want my head to explode from all the ideas I have in it;) Well that's all I have to say this week I think. I look forward to sharing with you guys next. Until then...


Saturday, July 30, 2011

Whole Foods Rave

Hello faithful few. I just had to share this exuberant feeling I had today. I am so glad that I have started to go to Whole Foods. I mean this place is amazing! I mean they have something for everyone. I mean EVERYONE!!!! Everything is so fresh. It's one of those places that you have to go into with a prepared list. You could go crazy and lose you mind! I know I usually do. I just wanted to share that with you guys this week. Hopefully next week I will have some art for you. Until then.


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Saturday, July 23, 2011

SUPPORT - Should I care or shouldn't I...

Hello faithful few, how are things going for you guys. We are currently experiencing a heatwave here in Baltimore. As I write this its currently 102 degrees (with the heat index 111 degrees) here. What makes it worse is that the AC here at work has given out, so its been a long day of heat and trying to stay cool. MUY CALIENTE!!! That's not why I have come to you guys today though. I want to talk about support and lack thereof.

I have always had ppl who straddled the line of being supportive/non-supportive. I never let myself get to close to that line because as an individual and a non-conforming conformist (Think about that for a second) I don't really give two flying monkeys a lot of time whether someone supports me or not. I mean don't get me wrong I do get a lot of support. My family, my girl and some friends support me just fine. I got to say that my current girlfriend has been/is the most supportive girlfriend I have ever had. Sure I have my detractors and people who call it "keeping it real," but I also have some people who believe in the power of positive thinking.

I have always been one who tends to not care what others think on the outside, but inside my head somewhere I believe I do. Now do I let this get to me...not really or not that I can see but I am sure some small town in maybe middle America, a therapist would think otherwise. I pride myself on not letting my inner voice dictate when and how I feel. I try to take a Zen approach to life. So in my eyes I know I can and will succeed. Its just a matter of believing and I do.

I just wanted to share that with you guys this week and I looked forward to expressing myself for you guys again real soon. Whether it be visually or mentally...


Saturday, July 16, 2011

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Being Human

So tonight I have been brainstorming about what the phrase "Being Human" means to me. Why you might ask? Well I am beginning work on a new piece for a show in Chicago that I hope I get picked to take part in. (Just a lil side note: I am trying to get cracking on some Call for Entries, if you know of any I am all ears! I'm just saying...) Back to what i was saying...the theme of the show is "Being Human." Now...I have come up with a pretty good idea of what I am going to do, so I am pretty excited about that. I am lying. I am "vurry" excited about my idea!!!

It was pretty amazing to me when I started picking my brain about this topic how something so simple could have such complex meanings. "Being Human" involves such a long range of emotion that it leaves you with a plethora of meanings and subject matter. So much so, that it makes it almost impossible to explore it or define it in a few words. I mean it can be done but it's such an all-encompassing phrase that to define it in a few words would do it no real justice.

Over the next few weeks as I partake in my artistic endeavor, I will wholeheartedly explore this subject and hope that my internal discourse manifests itself in this piece that I will be working on. As always, you guys will be kept in the loop. That's all I have for you guys this week. Enjoy!


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Saturday, July 2, 2011

On to year 2...

Hello faithful few. I just wanted to tell you guys that this week I just finished my first year as a vegetarian. Congrats to me! It hasn't been hard but its been quite a learning experience. Now going into year two, its all about taking this lifestyle and using it to really make a better me. I love that I have the support of loved ones and some friends as I continue my endeavor in a plant-based world. As I have said in so many words in previous posts, I consider myself a selfish vegetarian. I am not doing this for any cause or any save the animals mission but for my own personal "make Arthur a better person" mission. For me its all about getting and being healthier. One thing I love about myself is that, I truly believe in perseverance. And through this I know that I will achieve my goal and I know I will get healthier.


Saturday, June 25, 2011

Success VS Self-Doubt...

How do you measure success? Webster's defines success as, " or measuring of succeeding: favorable or desired outcome..." Let's think about that for a second. "...Favorable or desired outcome...," are we to take that to mean that what we hope to achieve is considered a success if we achieve what we set out to do? I am wondering how much of that is true. I am mean I believe I have had some successful moments in life, case in point, graduating from college. I still have some things that others might see as a success but I view as a work in progress.

I can be really hard on myself and I think it then causes me to have a lot of self-doubts about things. Idle time brings about thoughts of successes and failures. Which then brings about more self-doubt. I try not to let self-doubt eat away at me though, I always tell myself that life is about struggles and that overcoming those struggles is something that helps define us. It helps us to gauge just how "successful" we've become. I know with a lot of perseverance, I can be quite successful. I just have to continue to stay the course and not give in to self-doubt. Even when plans/things are going quite according to how I have them played out in my head, I have to keep pushing on. 5, 10 years from now when I am going through my blog or reflecting back on my life, I can say it might not have been easy but I made it. I turned my self-doubt into success.


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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Hello Blog World

Hello faithful are you guys? I am quite well. So let's get to it, shall we?

It was a pretty quick week this week. Seems like only a couple of days ago I posted for you guys...well I had a pretty easy week. I have been re-watching The Wire again and I have been breezing through it. I just started a week or so ago and I am already on season 3! Yes the show is that damn good!!! Yesterday I treated myself to the movies. I went to see Mr. Poppers Penguins and Green Lantern 3D. Both movies were really good. I am really happy the Green Lantern turned out pretty good. You know marginal superhero movies usually suck, i.e. Daredevil, Elektra and Superman Returns to name a few. The script for Green Lantern was pretty well written. My only fault with the movie was that Ryan Reynolds put a tad bit too much of himself in this role. I am about to go all comic book geeky for a few, forgive me:). Hal Jordan has always been written as a headstrong, cocky and yet confident hotshot. His personality is that of a born leader. When Ryan was immersed in that persona he was spot on. Those moments when he put himself in the role not so much. If he was playing Wade Wilson (Deadpool, like he did albeit a bastardized version in X-Men Origins: Wolverine) or Spiderman, he would have been perfect. Those two guys in the comic book world have wisecracking personalities which his personality would be perfect for. Ok I am out of Comic Book Geek mode...LOL. I highly recommend you go see it. Just an FYI as well...stay after the credits. Awesome Easter egg at the end of the movie. Now the CBG is done for the time being...

I didn't work on the piece for you guys yet ('cause if I did you guys would see a pic of it in this post!) I bought some supplies today for it though so next weeks' post should be an updated picture. So be looking for that.

I just started revamping my website today. And as I was going over content I noticed that it had been 2 years almost since I had added any new work. That's no good...NO GOOD AT ALL!!! I am going to continue switching it up a lot so hopefully it gets real sexy soon;)


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Friday, June 10, 2011

New work...

Hello faithful few... I have begun a painting which over a series of weeks,  I will continue to build up layers on.  This painting,  which every time I add a layer to,  I will share with you guys.  I will incorporate you the faithful few into the actual process.  I will turn you guys into my actual piece.  I don't quite understand yet where you guys will fit in.  My thinking behind this piece is using my blog,  the blogosphere and my work in a progression of documentated images and written statements to you guys.  Whereas I could video myself creating this piece or I could just post a picture of every time I add to it but I want to engage you the viewer as I am adding layers. I want to make it feels as though you are not just seeing what I am doing as I add layers but have you visually involved in a way that I am creating this for you guys.

Where the piece goes will be determined solely on how I feel like presenting it to you guys.   Now you might say how is that different from me posting a picture of what I am working on now or in the past.  Well as the weeks come and go it will all seem clearer.  I look forward to working with you guys;)


Saturday, June 4, 2011

Still torn...

A few weeks ago I told you guys that I was considering starting a new blog; a tech one. I still haven't gotten around to it. One...because I haven't come up with a title yet and two...I don't know where exactly I want to store my new blog. Here, Wordpress, Tumblr or maybe some other site. There is also the issue of time. It's funny a lot of times I have a ton of things to say and share but somehow I get caught up in other things and I don't get a chance to use my Wordpress(my vegetarian blog) or Tumblr sites enough. I always make sure I bring something for you guys but I neglect my other two. And I have had some good vegetarian experiences the last few months. Hopefully I will devote more time to them go forward. HOPEFULLY...

I also started a painting today. I should have some images for you guys next weekend. I think I will also brainstorm some tomorrow about this new blog. Well that's all I have for you guys this week. Sorry it's not as deep as last weeks post;)


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Saturday, May 28, 2011

My Baltimore...

So this week I thought I would go back to talking to you guys about my impressions or my take on what Baltimore is. I have seen videos on how Baltimore is such a great place and I have heard people talk about how much they love Baltimore or how is a great place to live.
Baltimore has a lot to offer don't get me wrong, it does. I have just been around a few people lately who have tried to sell me, the native baltimorean on how great a city it is. (Like selling milk to a cow or eggs to a hen!)

For some folk their vision of Baltimore comes from what they are around or word of mouth from others. For some the only bad or downside to Baltimore is what they have seen on TV (The Wire, it was a great show by the way) Further still Baltimore has a deep divide of social status in it. For some they see Baltimore as only confined to the downtown area. Venturing outside of downtown Baltimore takes you to some other worldly city that "money" has forgotten. There are blocks of rowhomes, where every house is boarded up save for one or two. Yet there are so many homeless people or people looking for places to live in the city. You venture downtown and you are greeted with new condos and lofts going up and opening up in old buildings. While still outside of downtown Baltimore things are in need of renovation and construction.

Getting back visions of the great "state" of Baltimore, Baltimore like most urban cities in America is plagued with crime. Sometimes walking through different neighborhoods, I think to myself if your aren't from Baltimore and decide to move here where would you move to. There are a numerous areas where I feel that if you aren't from here you should or would not definitely move to. Not saying that those neighborhoods are that bad but their " ne sais quois" is more suited for native baltimoreans. I actually know people who don't venture out of west Baltimore to go into east Baltimore and vice versa. Not necessarily for fear but because of not knowing and not being from that side of town. But those people will venture downtown. For them going downtown I assume would be the equivalent of baby boomers putting on their "Sunday's best" and going to Sears Roebuck back in the'50s and '60s. It's not a bad thing...its a good thing but I am still amazed by that.

I used to watch the Wire and think that they over exaggerated things. I mean there are Chrises' and Snoops in a lot of cities. Every city has it's share of Avon and Stringer Bell. So some where in my mind I had blocked out just how bad the "state of Baltimore" outside of downtown could get. Had it been my own naïveté denying me the common sense that I have inside to know that there were plenty of truths in the Wire? Maybe. Crime had been on the steady decline in Baltimore the last few years but recently it has seemed to spike. A few days ago, some kids were sitting on their porch watching the NBA playoffs when someone came around a corner and opened up fire hitting them. Tragic. Back in the day my friends and I would have no fear of enjoying time outside. Playing football and baseball in the streets. Nowadays the urban city can be almost as harrowing as a third world country. My Baltimore is filled with brazen people who have a blatant disregard for human life. My Baltimore is one, where the young generation don't see past the confines of Baltimore. My Baltimore is one that is more known for what you see on the 11 o'clock news rather than what comes out of it. Now don't get me wrong, I am not trying to badmouth my city. I love Baltimore. I am just portraying My Baltimore how its portrayed by it's inhabitants in the cardinal directions outside of downtown Baltimore. Wherever I go from Chicago to The Carolinas to NY, I am proud to say I am from Baltimore. One of the first things I do when I move away from here will be to get Baltimore tattooed on myself. My Baltimore has always been and will always be apart of what shaped me as a man. The last few days I have been really thinking about my time in Baltimore. In the past I have commented about how I feel my time here and how I feel my time here is over. The older and older I get the more it feels that it holds true. As a Son of Baltimore and a proud Baltimorean, I just feel this chapter of my life has begun it's descent. Time to move on to bigger and better things. People tell me that when I leave that I am going to want to come back. I have also had friends tell me that I don't really want to leave. As a self-professed lone wolf I have always felt that I was always the friend...the brother...the son who left. My heart is in Baltimore but my mind has always dreamed of worlds outside of the great "state of Baltimore."

Sorry for the long and drawn out ramble but once I started typing more thoughts kept popping into my head. I trust that my post this week is not too incoherent and that you guys enjoyed my musings. Until next week.

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Saturday, May 21, 2011

The Rapture, what Rapture and other grumblings...

You know I am truly amazed at how we are drawn in to the ramblings of some "wing-nut cultist." The thing is, because we sometimes already believe some of the "propaganda" spewed by these "cultists," we are open to heresy or conspiracy theories. It's nothing wrong with that. You should always feel as though you can question things as they stand. Never buy into the status quo. Change the system. Start a revolution. Play Devil's Advocate. Question everything even the obvious if you so choose to. I for one, believe it's a must. Thats all I have to say about that.

I am still playing around with Sketchbook Pro and I plan on showing you guys some more of my sketches using the program soon. I still need to get back to my last painting I posted for you guys a ways back. It just seems like after work and all, that there is not enough time in my day. My girl said I should probably just set aside a day and keep that as my scheduled art day. I think I will def do that this week and see if I stick with it. I mean I am going to still be creating when I get the urge (I'm a starving artist!) but now I am going to do it like I do this blog. In an event, I will keep you guys informed.


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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Boy oh BOY...

So I have had my iPad for a couple of weeks now and I gotta say it's one of the best purchases I have made in the last few years by far. I find myself using it more sometimes for recreational web browsing and YouTube viewing than I do my computer. I have also found a lot of other practical uses for it.

I have an app called Sketchbook Pro that I have begun to use that is great for digital art (the enclosed image is one of the first things I did with it) I have a pogo stylus that I just got that I have been practicing with a lot. I am really to get the nuisances down of using a touchscreen and stylus as I would a paintbrush or a pencil. It's a great new medium to work in. I have seen the work of some artist who have been using the iPad for a minute who really have a handle on it. In school I sometimes messed around with computer manipulation of images and have always been fascinated by it enough that on occasion I will create profile pics using some sort of digital software. I am pretty "geeked" about this little gadget. If you are ready have a computer or think that a computer is too complex for your blood I highly recommend a iPad or an Android tablet. I love IOS but I am still an Android fanboy. (As a side note my phone is a rooted Samsung Vibrant phone running 2.2 or 2.3.3 Android OS depending on my mood and week; Geeks Unite!!!!!!)

P.S. I have also found the iPad a pleasure to blog from;)


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Saturday, May 7, 2011

A new blog coming...maybe?

So I am trying to debate on whether or not I want to start another blog. I have a lot of friends and people who come to me for advice on their gadgets, electronics, computers and whatnot. I feel that by having a blog I could now and then post little tips and tricks I know about certain things would be quite informative for them. I can also post some reviews of applications and software that I have used or currently use.

This blog would work two-fold. I could share my knowledge base with the outside world and for the people I help I can refer them to certain posts on my blog if I have blogged about their problem. That way instead of trying to remember what I told them or showed them, they can come to my blog and find their answers for themselves on occasion.

The only problem I am having is whether or not I won't to or should I say if I have the time to devote to another blog. I mean there is nothing that says I have to constantly update the blog but sometimes when I start something I just have to attend to it. I end up treating it like a new toy for a while and then I eventually put it down. I will come back to it but it's usually months later, LOL. I don't want to do that with this new blog though. I want it to be something that I can truly share. Something that people can use a reference. Hopefully in the coming weeks I will decide what I plan on doing. In any case you guys will be among the first to know.


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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Vegetarian Jerk Cheese steak

So this past week I experimented with making my own seitan. For those of you who don't know, seitan is made with wheat gluten. Its a meat substitute and is high in protein. I have had prepackaged seitan and I have had it at vegetarian restaurants but an ex-coworker of mine told me one time that its nothing like making your own. I had put it off for a minute but finally I decided it was time to make it happen. The process of making it is pretty easy. Its almost in a way like making drop biscuits, instead of dropping your seitan on a baking dish you are dropping them in a simmering pot of stock.

Yesterday I made chicken strips out of it and today I made vegetarian jerk cheese steak. (I really wanted to make the vegetarian cheese steak mine own, so I added the jerk seasoning.) The texture of the meat was very much like that of rib-eye steak or flank steak. I am really looking forward to other dishes I can use and create with homemade seitan and because you start off with a dry mix you have almost total control of the taste of the "meat." I am including some pics for you guys to see what the finished seitan looks like and the other pics are pics of my cheese steak filling. Enjoy. I know I did...

PS...blogger twisted up my image order and I was too lazy to switch it back, so don't judge me LOL!!! You get the gist of whats going on.


Saturday, April 23, 2011

Art and Life...

Are the roads less traveled safe
Roads that are less traveled are often-
Tough to take.

Saturday, April 16, 2011


Hello Faithful few, I know I said I might surprise you guys with some poetry this week but...I GOTS NOTHING! I do...I Do....I DO HAVE SOME ART THIS WEEK THOUGH!!!

I know you can hardly contain yourself. Its OK. I was pretty excited myself when I finished it. Its the piece I was working on for the 6X6X2011 @ Rochester Contemporary Art Center I call it "The Rhinacorn" Until next week.


Saturday, April 9, 2011

The Week that was...

Hello faithful few! Another week has come and gone, can you believe it? I have been still working on my 6X6 piece and I have had a few more pieces blowing in the wind. I worked on the Goddess painting I started a couple of months ago. I started adding more elements to it. I added a pic for you guys to see my update:) I hope to have it finished in a couple of weeks and as always I will keep you posted. I know this is a short post this week but I'll make it up to guys. I promise. Plus since its National Poetry Month this month I might surprise you guys with a little poetry in my next post.


Saturday, April 2, 2011


Hey I just thought I would show you guys an image of what I am working on for the
6X6X2011 @ Rochester Contemporary Art Center in a couple of months. There will be more images forth coming as I work on it more. I totally spaced on the MAP Auction event. It was yesterday and the day that I had to have my work hung was last tuesday. I hadnt even started on anything for it;) I don't know why I thought I had more time. I thought it was later this month. Oh well there is always next year :D


Saturday, March 26, 2011


Hello faithful few, I have been debating internally (or is it mentally) about my love of gadgets. I have been pretty good with not going willy nilly. I have stayed away from new purchases and I have pretty much just have been reusing and reinventing what gadgets I already have. So I can say I have been doing pretty darn good! I am such an android geek. People if you haven't tried it yet ANDROID IS YOUR FRIEND!

So its about that time of year when I start working on pieces for different shows. One at Maryland Art Place and another at Rochester Contemporary Art Center in NY. I already have my surface for the show in Rochester picked out. Of course as always I will share with guys as I progress and work on these projects.


Saturday, March 19, 2011

For whom the bleh...

The past week for me has been kind of rough. I have been feeling "out of sorts" so to speak. It's seems like this is that one time (or 2 or 3, depending the year) that I have an abundance of self-doubt. I begin to question what am I doing wrong or what can I do better? How do I get to this point? How can I make this go faster? People would have me to be patient or tell me that all things come in due time but all of that is moot to me when my brain is doubting itself. It's a struggle trying to come up with solutions and fixes for the cards I have been dealt so far but for the love of me I can't seem to get black jack. I know at some point in the future I will look at these junctures in my life and go "WOW, I bet you never knew you'd make it this far..."

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Saturday, March 12, 2011

In a word, SEXY...

So here it is another week gone, another blogpost. Hmmm. What would you guys like to hear about? What could I say to you guys that would totally resonate with you? (ok that was cheating. I have been trying to find a way to plug "resonate" in something since I heard it being used on a podcast earlier) that's a good idea though; you know just trying to use words just because. I consider myself to be the epitome of a nerd. I am totally comfortable with that label and I know ppl like and love me because of that label.

So back to using words just because. The nerdy side of me love certain words. To me certain words are sexy. I think "resonate" is a sexy word. And "inherent." And "referential." And "autonomy." And especially "belligerent." what about "malevolence?" Such a beautiful word. Apart of me secretly looks for ways to include these words in everyday convo; again "just because.". Now don't get me wrong I just don't try to force the words out but I try to make the words come out by "happenstance." like I just did;) See how that worked. I slipped a sexy word in. How ironic! Or was it? Lol.

Well I hope you guys enjoyed this little "discourse." I know I enjoyed bringing it to you guys. As always...


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Saturday, March 5, 2011

If I must...I must...

Konnichi'wa minna-san! Today I read an interview that Emory Douglas did in JUXTAPOZ magazine that I found to be highly informative. Emory Douglas is a revolutionary artist who was also the Minister of Culture for the Black Panther Party. He designed the majority of their literature and propaganda. He also designed the iconic image of the party, The Panther. He, in the article talked about the relevance of race in our modern society. He did this piece of Obama where Obama apologized on behalf of the United States for Slavery. This was a powerful piece of revolution art in that its meaning could be viewed as quite controversial. Whereas Shepard Fairey and others were creating empowering works of art incorporating Our newly elected, Mr Douglas on the other hand took the opportunity to make you question the the state of the union as it stands now. To me this work was spot on. Its a piece that makes me look at where my work has evolved(or devolved) from. I recall being back in college and exploring race in my work and how informative and enlightening that was to me. The last few years of I have gotten away from that subject matter. Apart of that, I believe is because I questioned whether or not race is still relevant in art. I mean we still have issues of race and race identity in today's society but I wondered/wonder how deep it runs in art. How I can get away using race in my work and not come off as angry black man. Reading this interview gave me hope. It gave me that good feeling I always get when I see someone out there making work that makes you question the status quo and whether or not race still really matters. This article really has me excited about the prospects of creating work go forward. I look forward to having you guys along for the journey.


Saturday, February 26, 2011


Hello faithful few. I am feeling under the weather this week so i am not going to say too much this weekend. I am however going to show you guys what I have been working on the last couple of weeks. The progression of the images go from top to bottom, almost like a state of undress...Enjoy!


Saturday, February 19, 2011

The week that was or the middle of Februrary...

So...I found out that I didn't make it into Teach for America this year. My rejection letter talked of their highly selective process(they have a 12% acceptance rate). I am somewhat disappointed but yet still encouraged. Just getting the opportunity to apply was a good thing for me. I would rather have applied and not gotten in then to have not applied altogether. There will be plenty of opportunities for me in the future. I will not give up. I can not give up...

So yesterday I started a new painting where I love all elements of the painting the way it is now. I am trying to channel my inner zen approach to painting. While I love what's going on in the painting I know in my heart of hearts that one way or another I am going to destroy part of this painting. My process is all about building up and then tearing down. Every once and awhile I do something where I am so amazed by what happen by accident or by failure of application of process that I become hesitant about destroying it. I know I must bit it just sometimes get to a point where eventhough it's not finished, I am quite satisfied with what I have. I will post some pics for you guys next week of where I am at with it. I can see that it's going to be a lengthy work in progress.

That's all I have for guys this week.


Saturday, February 12, 2011

'Ello Mates

Hey there faithful few, how goes it! I haven't had too eventful of a week. Nothing major. I did forget to mention that I got my Teach for America application done last Friday! Awesome!!! Righteous...I should know this coming Tuesday and I will get called in for an interview. I am kind of excited and kind of on edge. I will be sure to let you guys know what happens either way. Wish me Luck.

I want to apply for this artist residency in Charlotte for next fall. The deadline is in May so I am going to start working some new stuff for that. I really need to gain some focus right now. I have been trying to do things here and there where I emptied my mind of all thoughts. A sort of Zen approach to creating art. I think all too often recently, I have tried to hard while trying to create. I started to over-think and rethink most of the things I was doing. I think I started losing faith in what I was doing as an artist. I love that I am able now to just "CREATE." I look forward to show you guys more of my work coming up soon.


Saturday, February 5, 2011


So faithful few, I am blogging you from the convience of my cell phone running Android OS. The significance of this is that there had been all types of apps that will allow you to post blogs or to be exact post to blogspot. But there has never been a native blogger app. I mean sure there is blogger droid but that's not operated by google.  This my friend is the original ported FINALLY to the android platform.  IOS has had a native blogger app for quite some time.  I wonder why the delay to android. The irony is google brought us the first android phone. So why drag their feet on blogger? I mean they incorporated just about every property they owned into android from gmail to picasa to google voice to youtube and so on. So why the delay? Hmmm...I.mean its not that big a deal but for an androidhead such as myself I just wonder why. Don't get me wrong, the iphone is a great phone. I have an iphone 3G myself( tech junkie, remember) and I love using it now and then. Matter of fact I use it for music/podcasts and gaming a lot. Its just something about Apple that sucks us in. I mean IOS is still going strong even after it falls behind Android OS and Blackberry OS. As for myself, I shall remain an AndroidHead for a long time. I love being able to go under the hood and change things with extreme ease. I can manipulate IOS as well but its not as customizable as Android OS. But that's just my 8 cents.


Saturday, January 29, 2011

...Easy like Sunday Morning

Why is this so easy for me? Every week I come here and I blog. I blog about random things. I blog about Art. I blog about love. I blog about technology. I blog. Sometimes they are brief blogs and sometimes they end up being long and drawn out drivel but nonetheless I blog.

Back in the latter of '07 when I started this blog I never knew that I get to this point. I mean I wasn't doubting myself, its just I was trying to find a way to curb my procrastination. I felt if I dedicate myself to something that I would have to do every week then I would have that carry over to everything in my life if I was successful. Here we are in 2011 and I am still going strong.

I mean this hasn't just happened. Blogging is just a natural part of me now. Its second nature. I really like doing it. Its a different feel then tweeting or updating my Facebook status. Blogging allows me release in a way that's different then when I am updating social statuses. Those things a running record of daily highs and lows but my blogs are a way of giving you guys a peek into the complex psyche of the artist, the man. I give you a window seat view into my mind that you cant see in 140 characters or less. They lack of immediacy draws you back. It makes you my faithful few come back to see what I will say next or what will I show you next. It will also have the casual blog reader when they hit next blog and stumble on to my blog go "hmmmm, whats this dude talking about?"


Saturday, January 22, 2011

I need a VACATION...

Its official I NEED A REAL VACATION! You ever have that feeling that no matter what you do it just seems like your off days are just not enough? Ever have that "wanna get away" feeling? Ever just want to drop everything and just "Go?" Well I am past that point. LOL. I need to find me a traveling salesman job or whatever. I wonder what it would feel like to have a job that had me traveling across the globe. I am sure you guys would say that I would get tired of it. That I would feel homesick. The truth of the matter is I might but that homesickness would always keep my grounded and looked forward to time with the missus and family. I still think I would be good at it. I am a free spirit who financially seems to be a caged bird(You guys can borrow that metaphor, LOL) Maybe I can get a job as a vendor for some art company hocking their wares. I def know that they would give great perks. Can anyone say free travel and free art supplies!

Maybe my need for vacation time isn't so much about getting away. That's all I am going to say about that there. Don't want to eventually end up crucifying myself on the interweb super viaduct thruway;) And on that note I bid you guys adieu and fare thee well!


Saturday, January 15, 2011

Happy Birthday Dr. King...

I really wish that my generation/our generation had a positive spirit/soul such as yourself in this day and time.


Saturday, January 8, 2011

Crunch Time

Hey there happy people. How was you guys New Year? How did the rest of your week go. Mine was ok, I sat at home sick from Quiznos veggie sub (Ugh, never again) but I did manage to watch the ball drop in Times Square and take a couple of shots of gin;-) I swear one year I am going to get to NY for New Years' (That felt like Deja Vu)

Its getting close to my deadline for this sketchbook. I have to have it.postmarked a week from today but I will have it done before that. Hopefully by my birthday on Wednesday:-) Yes my blogospherian friends this blogger next week will celebrate a birthday. I am looking forward to it. I don't know what it is but I always get up for my birthday. I am always extremely excited about my bday. Now I just have to beat this cold I have before that AMAZING day. I fixed some chili today and it was pretty good. It opened my sinuses up and really warmed my soul. I am glad. And that my friends is all I have for you guys this week. Next week I might have some pics for you guys and I probably let you guys know what I did for my born day.


P.S. Happy Birthday big sis...I miss you RIP...

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year...

So I thought that I would have already posted my blog for you guys this week since I only really posted a quick blurb last week. Well as you all may know things don't always work out the way you want them to. Fret not faithful few this week I have come bearing a cornucopia of into and goodies.

So I told myself that this year I was not going to make any resolutions. Instead I have decided to just stay the course. I mean last year I started so many new things and changed so many things during the year that making a "New Years' Resolution" would just seem plain...well crazy! I probably somewhere along the way just end up deviating from the resolutions anyway. I know what your probably saying now, " can use the resolution as a jump off point..." Well everyone who knows me will tell you I am a little different(strange even) so I find it perfectly OK to forgo the conformist tradition of making a "New Years' Resolutions."

Its January and that means that by the 15Th of this month I have to have my sketchbook for ArtHouse Co-Op Sketchbook Project postmarked. Its coming along OK but I know i am going to end up having some late night sessions working on it. I also got to get stepping on writing this essay for my Teach for America application. That's not due until Feb. 4, knowing me I should start writing it tomorrow;)

Today I did a painting! It is a painting that I titled before I started it. The title of the painting is: You Said I Was PRETTY No Matter What They whole concept behind this painting is a play on words. I have taken a simple word and deconstructed its meaning. It also brings to mind the say "Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder." As I worked on the painting, I removed my inner feelings on what I viewed as pretty and I also tried not to think too much about if people would get the message behind the title and behind painting itself. So without further ado I will reveal the work in question to you.