Saturday, October 8, 2011

"Sometimes home isn't where the he(ART) is..." or "Just PAINT!"

As I write this to you guys tonight, I have been wondering where my artistic voice has gone. I am not saying that it has disappeared, it just comes and goes a lot. It used to be that I could(would) constantly be creating but now I am stuck somewhere between starting and finishing. I currently have about 7 things that I am "in the middle of". I keep telling myself that I need a studio to work out of because the trappings of home keeps me stagnant. It's not hard to focus at home, it's just that there is no disconnect between me and my work. I'll start a series and then I have to look at it everyday. I mean sure I could cover it up and not have to focus on it but at home for sure there is always a chance of me feeling like I have to finish everything NOW. Don't get me wrong there is nothing wrong with finishing but I don't like for it to feel forced. At least if my work is nowhere near me it will give me and the work time to "miss each other". It's nothing like being away from you work and itching to get to it because you want to work on it. I mean with a studio I still would be able to work on my work but it wouldn't be as easy as just grabbing it and trying to make it happen. I definitely need a dedicated studio space. I need to see if I can find a residence somewhere, I don't know.
I know sometime ago I kind of discussed with you guys this same subject but I just felt talking it out again would again motivate me to get it in gear. I plan on sharing more posts like this with you guys in the future. I have noticed that I haven't been opening up as much with you guys about my motivation or lack of motivation thereof when it comes to my work.


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