Saturday, October 1, 2011

Hmmmm TECH IS 4 DA Nerds and all of us...

So it seems that the informationsuperwebsthoroughway is in a form of simplistic yet futuristic look to its web pages. I mean society with in itself is evolving into a sort of digital copy of itself. In my honest "techno-geekian" opinion, we will totally miss the full-on holographic phase of technology. We will instead be viewed in how many pixels we are;) That's totally ok because I feel that the technology that techies a generation ago wished for is extremely outdated. Only beef with our ever-evolving culture now is that the companies rush the tech out to consumers. Some of this high powered devices are in the hands of people who are quite ready for the explosiveness that companies give them. Then they not only have to contend with getting the hang of it but they also have to contend with 5 or 6 months later a device or piece of hardware coming out that totally replaces or make their freshly "new" items seem obsolete. There is in the future going to be a real market for people who are in the "know" when it comes to things like this. I wouldn't feel too bold if I said I believe that is the reason there are some many tech blogs and channels out there now. Well I just wanted to give you guys my spin on the evolution of tech as it stands so to speak. And as I am typing this of the new simplistic layout of Blogger, I feel like something is missing from the setup of this page. I guess I will know how it goes once I hit publish. -Namaste

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