Saturday, May 31, 2014

Go BIG...

Lately I have been looking through some of my sketches and some of my smaller works and seeing which ones I would likely possibly blow up in to a bigger painting.

I've been trying to visualize them bigger. Like some of them have aspects of them that work small but if created bigger, would have to be reworked. In a way going bigger will allow to not only recreate the work but also revisit it. Revisiting would then help me to evolve certain parts of the original work.

The first piece that I plan on doing this with is a piece I did a few weeks ago called The Exodus. I've already reworked it once from a pencil sketch to a marker drawing or sketch. I just came up with an idea as I was typing this blog. The next few weeks I'm hoping to have something for you guys to check out.

That's all I have this week.

Until next week...




Saturday, May 24, 2014

Let's Rock 'N Roll, Man or 'Ello Guv'ner...

So I was born in the mid 70s and grew up in the 80s & early 90s but I got to tell you one of the greatest periods for music for me is the 60s. Especially from the British Invasion years. So I thought this week I would share with you guys a playlist of mines that feature a few songs from that era. Some of the artists aren't the original songwriters or artist of some of the songs but I like their versions of the song equally or just a little better. Definitely The Animals and Nina Simone's version of the song Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood. So we out further ado...

  • The Animals, Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood.
  • Nina Simone, Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood.
  • Petula Clark, Downtown.
  • Dusty Springfield, You Don't Have To Say You Love Me.
  • The Animals, The House of The Rising Sun.
  • The Animals, We Gotta Get Out of This Place.
  • The Beatles, I Want To Hold Your Hand.
  • The Beatles, Strawberry Fields Forever.
  • The Beatles, All You Need Is Love.
  • The Zombies, She's Not There.
  • The Zombies, Time of Season.
  • The Zombies, I Love You.
  • Lulu, To Sir, With Love.
  • The Yardbirds, For Your Love.
  • The Kinks, You Really Got Me.
I left out a lot but as far as The Beatles, I could have put the whole discography up LOL.

I think going forward I might do more of these type of blog post. Maybe every few months. Let you guys in on a little of my musical tastes.

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Focus Grasshopper or Mental Tornado...

Lately I have lacked the proper motivation. Maybe I shouldn't say motivation but more along the lines of having a lack of focus. I have been having issues with keeping my mind centered.

I have so much going on in my head right now it's seems hard to pick one at a time. It's like I've reached a crossroad.

And I am stuck on where do I go from do I get to point B...what's going to happen next....

It's all this uncertainty in my head that is cloud my mind and keeping me off my game. I need to re-learn how to not let things take over my mind and spiral out of control .

Maybe I need to get back into meditating. You know really clearing my head before I dive into anything else. I think I will give that a go...what say you?

Well that's all I have for you guys this week. Looking forward to the week ahead.

Until next week...





Saturday, May 10, 2014

Happy Mother's Day

This is one of them times of the year when I feel a little down. And I just thought I would do a little post tonight for you guys. Since tomorrow is Mothers Day and I don't blog on Sundays, I just thought I'd wish all the Moms out there a Happy Mother's Day.

You should really show your mothers all year around how much you love and care for them. You only get one! As for me I really miss my mother but I do believe she is in a better place now.





Happy Mother's Day Mom, I miss and love you...

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Show me your Warhol...

I have been really enjoying this class I have been taking on Warhol. Tomorrow I am going to do my first assignment for this class and I am looking forward to doing that. We have to create a work of art A LA Warhol and write a little summary about the finished piece. I wonder what I will do. We also have to critique 3 other people's work. It's been a minute since I had to give a critique or critiqued someone's work.

I also have been trying to work in these new ideas that I have for my "Goddess" series. I just haven't been having the proper motivation for them. My mind right now isn't as clear as it needs to be. I've tried to keep a really clear mind but I seem to be able to only hold so much positive energy at a time. I guess it's just that right now at this time in my life I am at a critical juncture. I have been trying to make sure that I stay about the positive line though. Don't want to let stress take me over so it starts to effect everything in my know what I mean? That's all I have for you guys this week.

Until next time...