Saturday, March 28, 2009

Two-Fold or Something like it...

Hello faithful few, its time for a little blogging! This week are having two bits of blogful goodness for you guys. The first thing is that I am working on a piece for the annual Out of Order Auction and Gala at Maryland Art Place( I pretty much have this piece done, I just have to figure out how I am going to finish it. I will have pics for you guys in next weeks' post.

The next thing I have for you guys is a little poem that I composed earlier in the week. I hope you guys enjoy it.

Is my skin a sin?

Is my skin a sin?
I did not choose this skin
This skin that I grew up in-
When walking down the street
A lot of people I meet
Be it by accident or
Just in passing
Seem intimidated by my skin

Is my skin a sin?
I did not choose this skin
This skin that I grew up in
This skin of mine has done me proud
It has afforded me the luxury to stand out in the crowd
It has cultivated me in so many ways
I dare try to elaborate.
It has taught me to be strong
It has taught me to be proud

Is my skin a sin?
Naw, its a blessing.

That's all I have for you guys this week. Next week pictures!

Until sometime next week, namaste and stay strong...

Saturday, March 21, 2009


Hello faithful few, it's that time of week again. As I poured over what I wanted to talk to you guys about today, I was amazed as to all the things I could possibly talk about.

I decided on talking about Twitter. I would like to thank my loving girlfriend for introducing me to the world of Twitter. Thank you baby. I love you.

I was always curious about Twitter but never got into it. The other day my girlfriend called me early in the morning and was like lets get on Twitter. I thought it was weird because I was half sleep when she said it but then later in the day yesterday I remembered that she mentioned it. So I called her and told her that I remembered that she mentioned it the night before and that I was signing up. I am so glad for her for recommending Twitter. I had seen celebrities mention the whole Twitter craze before in print and TV but I still wasn't convince about the advantages of Twitter but the first couple of days have been awesome. Being able to follow artist and museums and to have them following me also hopefully is a plus! (I have a gallery in London following me.) The more and more i get used to Twitter I think I will be able to make even better connections also bring alot more people to my blog. Don't get me wrong I love you faithful few but I would love to really increase the traffic to my blog.

Well that's all I have for you guys. Looking forward to blogging for your guys again soon.

Until next week some time, namaste and stay strong...

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Finally, a Black History Post...

Hello faithful few its that time again and yes finally I will give you guys what I said I would give you. My Black History Post!!! So without further ado-

Last month was black history, it was the first black history month with our first black president. In this day and age we are finding that the American Black or Black American or African-American, dependent on how you tag yourself, are gaining in positions of power and worth. Four hundred years ago, we can probably bet that our ancestors never thought the day would come that the first family would be of African descent. It kind of begs you to wonder if before long the need to celebrate our history will dissipate. The more prominence and recognition we get as a people, will society deem it necessary to eliminate Black history month. Will they feel like that we are achieving so much they we shouldn't deserve a whole month devote to our history? Some might debate that Dr. Woodson started this to help commemorate our place in American history and that now we are re-writing or re-establishing history that there is no need to single out one particular month.

I believe that black history will live on. I also believe that the further along we grow that while it won't go away, it will become an afterthought to some of us. It is up to us to keep the tradition going. Even though we are advancing as a people we still must carry on the legacy of our ancestors and tell the generations to come about what our ancestors had to overcome and what we as a people had to go through just to get where we are today. We maybe be winning the fight, but the battle rages on.

I hope I have sparked some interest and piqued you guys brains a little. I am glad I had the opportunity to start this discourse with you. That's all I have for you guys this week.

Until sometime next week, namaste and stay strong...

Saturday, March 7, 2009


Hello faithful few, its that wonderful time again. I am happy to say that I finally am up and running with new computer. I am still getting the hang of it so this week I will just tell you guys that sometime next week my now twice-delayed black history post we be brought to you by yours truly. I truly am sorry but I am playing around and as Clinton Sparks would say(Google him)"gettin' familiar," with my new toy. That's it for now.

Until sometime next week, namaste and stay strong...