Saturday, June 25, 2011

Success VS Self-Doubt...

How do you measure success? Webster's defines success as, " or measuring of succeeding: favorable or desired outcome..." Let's think about that for a second. "...Favorable or desired outcome...," are we to take that to mean that what we hope to achieve is considered a success if we achieve what we set out to do? I am wondering how much of that is true. I am mean I believe I have had some successful moments in life, case in point, graduating from college. I still have some things that others might see as a success but I view as a work in progress.

I can be really hard on myself and I think it then causes me to have a lot of self-doubts about things. Idle time brings about thoughts of successes and failures. Which then brings about more self-doubt. I try not to let self-doubt eat away at me though, I always tell myself that life is about struggles and that overcoming those struggles is something that helps define us. It helps us to gauge just how "successful" we've become. I know with a lot of perseverance, I can be quite successful. I just have to continue to stay the course and not give in to self-doubt. Even when plans/things are going quite according to how I have them played out in my head, I have to keep pushing on. 5, 10 years from now when I am going through my blog or reflecting back on my life, I can say it might not have been easy but I made it. I turned my self-doubt into success.


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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Hello Blog World

Hello faithful are you guys? I am quite well. So let's get to it, shall we?

It was a pretty quick week this week. Seems like only a couple of days ago I posted for you guys...well I had a pretty easy week. I have been re-watching The Wire again and I have been breezing through it. I just started a week or so ago and I am already on season 3! Yes the show is that damn good!!! Yesterday I treated myself to the movies. I went to see Mr. Poppers Penguins and Green Lantern 3D. Both movies were really good. I am really happy the Green Lantern turned out pretty good. You know marginal superhero movies usually suck, i.e. Daredevil, Elektra and Superman Returns to name a few. The script for Green Lantern was pretty well written. My only fault with the movie was that Ryan Reynolds put a tad bit too much of himself in this role. I am about to go all comic book geeky for a few, forgive me:). Hal Jordan has always been written as a headstrong, cocky and yet confident hotshot. His personality is that of a born leader. When Ryan was immersed in that persona he was spot on. Those moments when he put himself in the role not so much. If he was playing Wade Wilson (Deadpool, like he did albeit a bastardized version in X-Men Origins: Wolverine) or Spiderman, he would have been perfect. Those two guys in the comic book world have wisecracking personalities which his personality would be perfect for. Ok I am out of Comic Book Geek mode...LOL. I highly recommend you go see it. Just an FYI as well...stay after the credits. Awesome Easter egg at the end of the movie. Now the CBG is done for the time being...

I didn't work on the piece for you guys yet ('cause if I did you guys would see a pic of it in this post!) I bought some supplies today for it though so next weeks' post should be an updated picture. So be looking for that.

I just started revamping my website today. And as I was going over content I noticed that it had been 2 years almost since I had added any new work. That's no good...NO GOOD AT ALL!!! I am going to continue switching it up a lot so hopefully it gets real sexy soon;)


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Friday, June 10, 2011

New work...

Hello faithful few... I have begun a painting which over a series of weeks,  I will continue to build up layers on.  This painting,  which every time I add a layer to,  I will share with you guys.  I will incorporate you the faithful few into the actual process.  I will turn you guys into my actual piece.  I don't quite understand yet where you guys will fit in.  My thinking behind this piece is using my blog,  the blogosphere and my work in a progression of documentated images and written statements to you guys.  Whereas I could video myself creating this piece or I could just post a picture of every time I add to it but I want to engage you the viewer as I am adding layers. I want to make it feels as though you are not just seeing what I am doing as I add layers but have you visually involved in a way that I am creating this for you guys.

Where the piece goes will be determined solely on how I feel like presenting it to you guys.   Now you might say how is that different from me posting a picture of what I am working on now or in the past.  Well as the weeks come and go it will all seem clearer.  I look forward to working with you guys;)


Saturday, June 4, 2011

Still torn...

A few weeks ago I told you guys that I was considering starting a new blog; a tech one. I still haven't gotten around to it. One...because I haven't come up with a title yet and two...I don't know where exactly I want to store my new blog. Here, Wordpress, Tumblr or maybe some other site. There is also the issue of time. It's funny a lot of times I have a ton of things to say and share but somehow I get caught up in other things and I don't get a chance to use my Wordpress(my vegetarian blog) or Tumblr sites enough. I always make sure I bring something for you guys but I neglect my other two. And I have had some good vegetarian experiences the last few months. Hopefully I will devote more time to them go forward. HOPEFULLY...

I also started a painting today. I should have some images for you guys next weekend. I think I will also brainstorm some tomorrow about this new blog. Well that's all I have for you guys this week. Sorry it's not as deep as last weeks post;)


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