Saturday, June 25, 2011

Success VS Self-Doubt...

How do you measure success? Webster's defines success as, " or measuring of succeeding: favorable or desired outcome..." Let's think about that for a second. "...Favorable or desired outcome...," are we to take that to mean that what we hope to achieve is considered a success if we achieve what we set out to do? I am wondering how much of that is true. I am mean I believe I have had some successful moments in life, case in point, graduating from college. I still have some things that others might see as a success but I view as a work in progress.

I can be really hard on myself and I think it then causes me to have a lot of self-doubts about things. Idle time brings about thoughts of successes and failures. Which then brings about more self-doubt. I try not to let self-doubt eat away at me though, I always tell myself that life is about struggles and that overcoming those struggles is something that helps define us. It helps us to gauge just how "successful" we've become. I know with a lot of perseverance, I can be quite successful. I just have to continue to stay the course and not give in to self-doubt. Even when plans/things are going quite according to how I have them played out in my head, I have to keep pushing on. 5, 10 years from now when I am going through my blog or reflecting back on my life, I can say it might not have been easy but I made it. I turned my self-doubt into success.


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