Friday, June 10, 2011

New work...

Hello faithful few... I have begun a painting which over a series of weeks,  I will continue to build up layers on.  This painting,  which every time I add a layer to,  I will share with you guys.  I will incorporate you the faithful few into the actual process.  I will turn you guys into my actual piece.  I don't quite understand yet where you guys will fit in.  My thinking behind this piece is using my blog,  the blogosphere and my work in a progression of documentated images and written statements to you guys.  Whereas I could video myself creating this piece or I could just post a picture of every time I add to it but I want to engage you the viewer as I am adding layers. I want to make it feels as though you are not just seeing what I am doing as I add layers but have you visually involved in a way that I am creating this for you guys.

Where the piece goes will be determined solely on how I feel like presenting it to you guys.   Now you might say how is that different from me posting a picture of what I am working on now or in the past.  Well as the weeks come and go it will all seem clearer.  I look forward to working with you guys;)


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