Saturday, September 24, 2011

Blogging in the heat of the moment or Who put pepper in the Froot Loops...

I consider myself to be quite a strange individual sometimes. I have strange habits and practices. (Right sock, right shoe...left sock, left shoe in that order every day since I was about 14 for example.) I have been told that I have very eclectic taste when it comes to music and movies. (I have no problem cranking The Go Team and then following that up with Pomplamoose or Jim Jones.) I don't do things the way I guess most "normal" ppl do them. I totally accept my "strangeness". I actually take it in stride. To me it's apart of my creative process. Now I am not saying my "strangeness" is a part of some persona I have created but it merely helps fuel that creativity. In my own little world my "strangeness" is persona grata.

I believe if one truly wants to tap into their creative side they can't do so with out reaching into their "strange gene". Usually my ideas come purely from some weird thought. I can't even begin to imagine the exact number of ideas I can up with based on my love of the "strange". I mean I have a character called "The Rhinacorn". If you guys only knew the real story behind the Rhinacorn, you guys would be like "what is going through dudes head...what is he on?" And I would tell you guys that I am high off of "pushing the envelope"...I'm tripping off of "thinking outside the box" and tweaking on "...there are no mistakes, just happy accidents". (Trust me, I could get cornier)

I hope you guys enjoyed this little post this week. If not, then it wasn't meant for you. Go punch a bunny in the face or something...

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