Saturday, September 10, 2011

Sometimes you gotta suck lemons...

Hello faithful few, I just wanted to let you guys know what was going on. Well let's see...I am currently still in the process of trying to come up with a format for this tech blog I want to start. It should be an easy thing, right...well it's proving to be a wee bit complicated. I don't want to just set myself up to be simply making a blog about me rambling about tech. I could just do that here lol. No, I want this other blog to be quite informative and somewhat educational. Plus it's not a blog that I would be doing weekly. It'll be one where I share with you guys tips and other interesting things about all thing technological. I would also use it as a reference guide for friends and anyone who needed help with basic tech questions/points. I mean I help a lot of friends and family out. They almost always make me their go-to-guy. So a place where i could point them to after I initially help them would be great! I also need to manage my time wisely so I don't spend too much time trying to keep the blog going. Cool thing about technology though is that there is always "an app for that." So be looking for me to post a link to that blog in the coming weeks. Soon...its coming trust me!

I have also been trying to find ways to keep me motivated artistically. I have been having these moments a lot recently where I have so many great ideas and I start creating and right in the middle of these masterpieces; I lose the thought behind the idea. It's as if my mind is trying not to finish the creative process if it senses that the idea is not fully developed. Which is weird, being as though the purpose for starting the creation is to develop the idea. Maybe I need to go away somewhere and sit with my sketchbook. Just sit there and spend time with it. Really attack it. I should plan my vacation around that idea. You know just thinking about it right now, it sounds like a real good idea. You know that's why I really enjoy talking to you guys. I feel like when I pour my heart out to you guys sometimes and it really opens me up. Clears the air and my mind a lot. Thanks guys for allowing me to share:)


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