Saturday, November 5, 2011

A-HA!!! 7-7-10-7-5-3-2

So I recently discovered that it can be pretty easy to understand "The Guitar" My dad has been playing practically all his life. He is a wizard at "strummin' and pluckin' an axe" (I know that was probably really corny but " what, who cares!!!!") I can recall as a kid, my dad trying to give me lesson...let me just say that was an utter and total mess! No matter what he did, it seemed like he was trying to teach me the evolution of time as it pertains to physical systems in numbers;) I never, ever got it. I don't know maybe it was just me being a boy who felt like his dad was trying to teach him something that eventually would always feel like a task or a chore. My grandmother even brought me an acoustic (which I still have to this day) I would play around with it now and then but I never knew exactly what the hell I was doing. A few years ago, I even replaced the strings on it. Picked it up strummed it and again no dice. I have always told myself that I got my artistic gene from my dad but instead of manifesting as music, it manifested itself as art.

Flash forward...Back in April of this year I purchased an iPad. One of the first apps I purchased was GarageBand. I spent many a night playing around with GarageBand "strumming and plucking" the different guitars on the app. Even going as far as learning a very, very elementary/amateurish version of the opening rift to Free Bird.
I hadn't played around with GarageBand in a few weeks but a couple of weeks ago I got the urge to learn a little Seven Nation Army (YES, I am a White Stripes fan; don't JUDGE ME!!!) So I found myself late one night watching YouTube tutorials on how to play the chords on a guitar of all instruments. After watching these videos it finally clicked. Some of the things my dad was saying to me back then began to make sense. I actually began to understand the guitar. Frets became extremely clear to me! For the next couple of days all I kept hearing in my head was the tabs to Seven Nation Army...7...7...10...7...5...3...2 over and over and over...It made me feel so great!

I will definitely continue to follow this up and I will continually share with you guys my experience...


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