Saturday, November 26, 2011


So as promised I am going to really really give you guys a nice blog post. I am a lot better this week but I didn't get this typed up and to you guys early like i said I would in my last post...but....I'm here now right? Well faithful few, let get on with it then... The title of this post could very well be called "Back to my Roots" but I decided to leave it untitled. In art school I started to focus on race in my work right around my junior year.  Race is always a touchy subject with people so it makes for really good conversation pieces when creating any type of art.  Somewhere along the line I lost the conversational tone in my work.  Now I am not saying that I lost my "Aatisuto no michi" but let's just say that I have strayed from the path.  I have had moments when I have went through dry spells when it came to creating but this totally different.   The work I have been doing in the years preceding my time from art school has not dealt with race to often. That doesn't come from lack of subject matter; subject matter for me has been more about the continuance of creating.  I have been more concerned with keeping the creative juices flowing.  I know what you are saying where does "Back to my Roots" fit into this post.  I will get to that in a sec.  In some ways the more I strayed away race, the more I believe race in my work and mind has been secretly calling out to me. Lately I have stumbled across articles, images, and even stories that have caused me to rethink the direction my work has been going.  I have been for the longest time, a black artist creating art.  I have discussed with you guys almost ad nauseam about my internal struggle with the "black art vs black artist creating art" so I am not going to touch on that too much this post.  Ill revisit that matter sometime later.   I have begun to brainstorm about some new work that will take me "Back to my Roots".  I think the reason for my departure from this subject matter in the beginning was because I got bored with it so to speak.  The boredom didn't come from not having enough to talk about.  I believe it came from me holding back.  One thing I have always tried to avoid was coming off like an angry black man in my work or more importantly; like I am some "fascist pig" spewing out propaganda.  I have decided that I will begin to explore the subject matter of Race again and this time I won't deprive myself of gaining my full potential by putting myself in the proverbial "box". I plan on busting the seams of said "box". I hope to take you guys on this journey and I will be glad to have you along for the ride!  -Namaste

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