Saturday, February 5, 2011


So faithful few, I am blogging you from the convience of my cell phone running Android OS. The significance of this is that there had been all types of apps that will allow you to post blogs or to be exact post to blogspot. But there has never been a native blogger app. I mean sure there is blogger droid but that's not operated by google.  This my friend is the original ported FINALLY to the android platform.  IOS has had a native blogger app for quite some time.  I wonder why the delay to android. The irony is google brought us the first android phone. So why drag their feet on blogger? I mean they incorporated just about every property they owned into android from gmail to picasa to google voice to youtube and so on. So why the delay? Hmmm...I.mean its not that big a deal but for an androidhead such as myself I just wonder why. Don't get me wrong, the iphone is a great phone. I have an iphone 3G myself( tech junkie, remember) and I love using it now and then. Matter of fact I use it for music/podcasts and gaming a lot. Its just something about Apple that sucks us in. I mean IOS is still going strong even after it falls behind Android OS and Blackberry OS. As for myself, I shall remain an AndroidHead for a long time. I love being able to go under the hood and change things with extreme ease. I can manipulate IOS as well but its not as customizable as Android OS. But that's just my 8 cents.


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