Saturday, February 19, 2011

The week that was or the middle of Februrary...

So...I found out that I didn't make it into Teach for America this year. My rejection letter talked of their highly selective process(they have a 12% acceptance rate). I am somewhat disappointed but yet still encouraged. Just getting the opportunity to apply was a good thing for me. I would rather have applied and not gotten in then to have not applied altogether. There will be plenty of opportunities for me in the future. I will not give up. I can not give up...

So yesterday I started a new painting where I love all elements of the painting the way it is now. I am trying to channel my inner zen approach to painting. While I love what's going on in the painting I know in my heart of hearts that one way or another I am going to destroy part of this painting. My process is all about building up and then tearing down. Every once and awhile I do something where I am so amazed by what happen by accident or by failure of application of process that I become hesitant about destroying it. I know I must bit it just sometimes get to a point where eventhough it's not finished, I am quite satisfied with what I have. I will post some pics for you guys next week of where I am at with it. I can see that it's going to be a lengthy work in progress.

That's all I have for guys this week.


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