Saturday, February 12, 2011

'Ello Mates

Hey there faithful few, how goes it! I haven't had too eventful of a week. Nothing major. I did forget to mention that I got my Teach for America application done last Friday! Awesome!!! Righteous...I should know this coming Tuesday and I will get called in for an interview. I am kind of excited and kind of on edge. I will be sure to let you guys know what happens either way. Wish me Luck.

I want to apply for this artist residency in Charlotte for next fall. The deadline is in May so I am going to start working some new stuff for that. I really need to gain some focus right now. I have been trying to do things here and there where I emptied my mind of all thoughts. A sort of Zen approach to creating art. I think all too often recently, I have tried to hard while trying to create. I started to over-think and rethink most of the things I was doing. I think I started losing faith in what I was doing as an artist. I love that I am able now to just "CREATE." I look forward to show you guys more of my work coming up soon.


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