Saturday, January 29, 2011

...Easy like Sunday Morning

Why is this so easy for me? Every week I come here and I blog. I blog about random things. I blog about Art. I blog about love. I blog about technology. I blog. Sometimes they are brief blogs and sometimes they end up being long and drawn out drivel but nonetheless I blog.

Back in the latter of '07 when I started this blog I never knew that I get to this point. I mean I wasn't doubting myself, its just I was trying to find a way to curb my procrastination. I felt if I dedicate myself to something that I would have to do every week then I would have that carry over to everything in my life if I was successful. Here we are in 2011 and I am still going strong.

I mean this hasn't just happened. Blogging is just a natural part of me now. Its second nature. I really like doing it. Its a different feel then tweeting or updating my Facebook status. Blogging allows me release in a way that's different then when I am updating social statuses. Those things a running record of daily highs and lows but my blogs are a way of giving you guys a peek into the complex psyche of the artist, the man. I give you a window seat view into my mind that you cant see in 140 characters or less. They lack of immediacy draws you back. It makes you my faithful few come back to see what I will say next or what will I show you next. It will also have the casual blog reader when they hit next blog and stumble on to my blog go "hmmmm, whats this dude talking about?"


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