Saturday, August 27, 2011

Hurricane Irene

I started out my Saturday night watching the news reports on Hurricane Irene. I started to think about how...what's the words I am looking overly-dramatic the newscasters can get. I mean we look to them to show us the severity of the situation but sometimes I think they choose adjectives that do more that just inform us but incite fear. Now don't get me wrong, we should not take natural disasters lightly. They ARE things to take very seriously, I just think that the newscasters can do a better job of conveying that message. Some people just can't handle the wording that these newscaster use, in my opinion. Needless to say, I am sure I will get most of my hurricane info from twitter. At least there I can look forward to get the news with out the overly dramatic tones. I don't think anyone on there is trying to win a daytime Emmy. At least I hope not...


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