Saturday, December 10, 2011

Beginnings of something new...

So faithful few, how are you? Funny its getting close to the end of the year. Where does all that time get off to? 2012 here we come!!! So I did this little drawing today and one of my co-workers saw it and said to me, "Man, I know you said you were going dark but I didn't know how dark you were going. That's pretty dark" I told him that this is just a preliminary drawing. Its nowhere near done. He has only seen me do somewhat playful and sort of straightforward work. Come to think of it a lot of people haven't seen some of my earlier work (These are people that I have met Post-BFA.) So to them where I am going to go is going to be an extreme departure from what they normally have come to expect from me. Hopefully as I do more work, I will remember to post images for you guys. Sometimes I get to thinking about other things and forget to share. Don't hold it against;) Until next time... -Namaste

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