Saturday, March 12, 2011

In a word, SEXY...

So here it is another week gone, another blogpost. Hmmm. What would you guys like to hear about? What could I say to you guys that would totally resonate with you? (ok that was cheating. I have been trying to find a way to plug "resonate" in something since I heard it being used on a podcast earlier) that's a good idea though; you know just trying to use words just because. I consider myself to be the epitome of a nerd. I am totally comfortable with that label and I know ppl like and love me because of that label.

So back to using words just because. The nerdy side of me love certain words. To me certain words are sexy. I think "resonate" is a sexy word. And "inherent." And "referential." And "autonomy." And especially "belligerent." what about "malevolence?" Such a beautiful word. Apart of me secretly looks for ways to include these words in everyday convo; again "just because.". Now don't get me wrong I just don't try to force the words out but I try to make the words come out by "happenstance." like I just did;) See how that worked. I slipped a sexy word in. How ironic! Or was it? Lol.

Well I hope you guys enjoyed this little "discourse." I know I enjoyed bringing it to you guys. As always...


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