Saturday, July 23, 2011

SUPPORT - Should I care or shouldn't I...

Hello faithful few, how are things going for you guys. We are currently experiencing a heatwave here in Baltimore. As I write this its currently 102 degrees (with the heat index 111 degrees) here. What makes it worse is that the AC here at work has given out, so its been a long day of heat and trying to stay cool. MUY CALIENTE!!! That's not why I have come to you guys today though. I want to talk about support and lack thereof.

I have always had ppl who straddled the line of being supportive/non-supportive. I never let myself get to close to that line because as an individual and a non-conforming conformist (Think about that for a second) I don't really give two flying monkeys a lot of time whether someone supports me or not. I mean don't get me wrong I do get a lot of support. My family, my girl and some friends support me just fine. I got to say that my current girlfriend has been/is the most supportive girlfriend I have ever had. Sure I have my detractors and people who call it "keeping it real," but I also have some people who believe in the power of positive thinking.

I have always been one who tends to not care what others think on the outside, but inside my head somewhere I believe I do. Now do I let this get to me...not really or not that I can see but I am sure some small town in maybe middle America, a therapist would think otherwise. I pride myself on not letting my inner voice dictate when and how I feel. I try to take a Zen approach to life. So in my eyes I know I can and will succeed. Its just a matter of believing and I do.

I just wanted to share that with you guys this week and I looked forward to expressing myself for you guys again real soon. Whether it be visually or mentally...


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Tiffany Nicole said...

I have come to learn over the years we all care about what the ones we love think about us and our decisions. The great thing is that these are the same people who support all of our endeavors. They drive us to think through every action and challenge us to be our best.