Saturday, April 30, 2011

Vegetarian Jerk Cheese steak

So this past week I experimented with making my own seitan. For those of you who don't know, seitan is made with wheat gluten. Its a meat substitute and is high in protein. I have had prepackaged seitan and I have had it at vegetarian restaurants but an ex-coworker of mine told me one time that its nothing like making your own. I had put it off for a minute but finally I decided it was time to make it happen. The process of making it is pretty easy. Its almost in a way like making drop biscuits, instead of dropping your seitan on a baking dish you are dropping them in a simmering pot of stock.

Yesterday I made chicken strips out of it and today I made vegetarian jerk cheese steak. (I really wanted to make the vegetarian cheese steak mine own, so I added the jerk seasoning.) The texture of the meat was very much like that of rib-eye steak or flank steak. I am really looking forward to other dishes I can use and create with homemade seitan and because you start off with a dry mix you have almost total control of the taste of the "meat." I am including some pics for you guys to see what the finished seitan looks like and the other pics are pics of my cheese steak filling. Enjoy. I know I did...

PS...blogger twisted up my image order and I was too lazy to switch it back, so don't judge me LOL!!! You get the gist of whats going on.


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blessedmama said...

Hi, Art! Thanks for coming to my blog - I saw that you were a new follower. Congratulations on making your own seitan. It can seem complicated until you actually try it. Did I read right and see that you used a mix? I didn't even know there were mixes out there! I don't know how much a mix costs, but if your store has a bulk food section, they might have bulk gluten flour. You mix that with any spices and broth you want, and voila, you have seitan! I have a few recipes posted, if you want some help. Good luck with everything!