Saturday, February 25, 2012

Black History Pt. 2 - the Conclusion.

I had written up this really long post this week for you guys about black history month. It was my part 2 to my end of the month black history posts. As I was going through my previous posts looking for a post that I was going to reference here, I noticed that in a couple of post I had already said pretty much what I had planned to say. Pretty weird, huh? So I figured I would just post the links for you guys that way you can checked them out. I'll include them at the end of my post.

For me, Black History Month should be about making sure that "our" history is preserved for younger generations. It should not only be taught in schools but in the home as well. Kids should be aware of not just the famous African-Americans but also the not-so famous. They should know for everyone of our people who had to endure and persevere to succeed there are those who didn't make it. For every Frederick Douglass, there was a Rubin Stacy. For every Dred Scott, there was a George Stinney Jr. These are people that most kids will never learn about in school but they are just as big to the history of the African-American race. I think it's paramount that the youth of today, especially the black youth of today, be made aware of all aspects of "our" history.

I am glad I had the opportunity to share these last two blogs with you guys this month. I hope I have enlightened you somewhat as well as maybe pointed you towards learning more about Black History. Not just for Black History Month sake but for your own personal quests for knowledge.

"Knowledge is Power"

-Sir Francis Bacon



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