Saturday, October 26, 2013

The Dharma and the Sea or The Old Man and Bums...

Hey faithful few, I know I said that I would post images for you guys this week and I have started working on them but I want to expand upon my post from last week.  

The other day I was thinking about letting go and taking leaps of faith and how for the most part of my life how I've played it safe...and then I thought how I decided a few weeks ago to take a giant leap and break that habit of playing it safe. I then realized that I was finally feeling the wind beneath my feet. 

Today its been 1 month to the date that I moved Baltimore to Charlotte.

I feel like such a free spirit right Hemingway or Kerouac...a lot of times the feeling is euphoric but also in a catch-22-kind of way its harrowing. I say harrowing because for someone who has almost always played it safe, this sort of feeling seems like it can lead to "slackitude-ness" or carelessness. Even though I have mixed thoughts on this feeling, I am enjoying it. I'm enjoying it because its a new feeling for me. It's fun. My mind right now feels so clear right now. I gotta say that right now I am in a very good place. I wish I would have done this years ago.

The image below is one of the pics I took a couple of weeks ago. I figured I'd post at least one image for you guys this week...again I am going to try and get some more for you guys next week.

Until then...


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