Saturday, October 5, 2013

Travelin' Man or Howdy folks...

I had my first full week in Charlotte and I gotta say faithful few I am loving it! I have had a really clear head lately. I feel I am in a good space right now. The change of scenery so far has been great. I'm getting to know the city on a should I say it...a more "native" kind of way. Before I was just a visitor, now I am a resident.

A lot of simple things have been happening and that I have been doing that has made this transition seem quite smooth. Don't get me wrong I do miss my family and friends but I am loving this new found "care-free" attitude I am feeling exuding from my "personage"(Don't judge me...) Feels good...real good.

I guess that part that really feels good to me is the fact that I followed through. I had the faith to jump off the cliff with an old parachute and know that when I needed it to, that the old parachute would open and not let me down. Its still going to be about a month before this really feel like home for me but I am really excited about finally really enjoying myself.

Today I finally went and got myself a photo printer. The other day while on one of my "nature walks" to the dumpster, I decided that I am going to start taking my T2i out with me and snapping up some of these landscapes and forestry that I see and work on a little digital manipulations. I also need to stop by the art store and pick up an easel so I can set up a little outdoor studio on my balcony. The view from my balcony is not super spectacular but it does give me a view of the comings and goings of my complex not to mention the trees that adorn the entrance and greet me every time I look out the window. I received most of my supplies that I had shipped to me so its time to get cracking on some stress-free art, you know...

In a way I feel like a recluse, which I find as a funny thing since I have always been somewhat of a lone wolf. Sometimes I sit and think about what if long ago (" the time before...," if you know me you should get this allusion) when I decided that I wanted to leave the great "state" city of Baltimore and actually did it, where would I be now? Would I even be living in the states? I have always (since about 14) dreamed of spending time in Japan. Maybe, I'd be living in Germany or I'd find myself in Macau..I'm not a gambler but who knows...The point is now I feel like there are endless opportunities out there for me and I have only just begun to explore them!

That's all I have for you guys this weekend, enjoy...


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