Saturday, December 18, 2010

Last post B4 Xmas...

So this is my last post before xmas as you probably already know being as though that's what the title states. So right to it, eh.

I partially finished my holiday shopping last night wiylth the click of a button. Amazons 1-click shopping is amazing! Mind you I had already amassed a cart full of items prior to yesterday but I GOT FREE SHIPPING!!! I usually do alot of eBaying and I have ordered things off of Amazon rarely. But seeing how easy this process was I might shop Amazon alot more in the future.

I say I am partially done because I feel like I want to get more gifts for my family. My girlfriend will tell you that I am a very giving person. I don't know what it is bit for someone who finds the xmas holiday to not be all that exciting, I sure get into the giving spirit. I love making my family happy. So in a way I tend to want to over-give, if there is such a thing. My future wife and mother of my kids is definitely going to have veto power over me. (LOVE YOU ASH!)

In a way, I think my brain forces me to procrastinate around xmas time because it knows I might one day break the bank if I start xmas shopping to early;) to you guys on Xmas day...


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