Saturday, December 11, 2010

2 Weeks...

I wonder if its possible to lose the Christmas spirit. I mean I enjoy giving gifts but the whole getting caught up in the moment seem to do nothing for me. I mean when I was younger I loved Xmas its just gotten to the point where Xmas doesn't really seem that big. I mean when I have kids I know its to have a lot bigger of a meaning to me again.

Maybe thats where the Xmas spirit lies in me, gift giving. I get a thrill out of making people happy and seeing their faces light up. Thats the other thing though that I think maybe suffers from that strong sense of Xmas spirit. Every year I go this year I am going to start Xmas shopping early. Lo and behold, here it is 2 weeks exactly before Xmas and I have yet to really start Xmas shopping;) Maybe one day I will get that infusion of Xmas spirit again.


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