Saturday, December 26, 2009

Last post of 2009 or is it...

Hello faithful few, how goes it? I trust that you guys had a safe and pleasant holiday. My holiday was OK. It was my first holiday without my big sis, so it was kind of tough and a bit sad. And speaking of that, today is the exact date 4 months ago since she passed. I still miss her everyday. I will strive to keep her legacy and her spirit within my heart. I love you Cookie.

Speaking of the number 4. Today coincidentally is the 4 yr anniversary of me being at my current job. I wonder if the number 4 is a sign. I made a facebook comment about how some kid has went through some undergrad program somewhere in the time I have been working at my job. I don't know if its a good thing or a bad thing. Maybe its a bit of a catch-22 but I am going to leave that alone. I don't really care for Dr. Phil but he had a show about social networking and there were experts on there talking about what you should and shouldn't post for the world to see. Never know a job or grad school maybe checking out the facebook/twitter accounts. I have always adhere to that motto myself personally but the more you get into this things the easier it is for you to slip.

This may or may not, be my last post of the current year. I plan on in the coming post bring you some of my resolutions as well as some artwork that I have finally been finishing up. I also think I am close to get my portfolio the way I want to present it so I will be bringing you guys that as well. I have some deadlines that I need to make, you know. It's all apart of the "new" me. I plan on going through a lot of changes after my birthday in a couple of weeks and I will bring you guys all the amazing news and ideas I have for the new decade and the "new" me.

Until sometime next week(or year), namaste and stay strong...

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