Saturday, April 28, 2012

I am peeved...Damn Blogsy...

I just spent 30 mins or so blogging for you guys went to hit publish and it wouldn't publish. I was like oh well when I get home I'll just post using my wifi at home. I was thinking the tether from my phone wasn't kicking out a strong enough signal. In an event the post didn't save to local draft, so it was lost. This is the first time I used Blogsy since they came out with the new update so I am kind of ticked. I went into a bit of an artistic tangent that my mind right now does not feel like trying to recreate. So I decided to just try posting a quick post here and let you guys know that I finished 8 pieces for the 6X6 show in Rochester next month. If I feel like it I will re-type my initial blog and post it for you guys next week.



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