Saturday, September 7, 2013

No looking back or No Regrets...

I have been wanting to write this post for months but wasn't quite ready to address it yet. Especially know that once I did it would post to just about all of my social sites and platforms. I wanted to be sure of the perfect time to write it as well as making sure I informed people who I engage with on a daily basis before I did. Now is the time.

Over the past few months I have been alluding to making moves,  change, and moving forward...I have decided that my time here is done. Meaning to somewhat quote The Animals, I "...gotta get out of this place…" That being said, sometime before the end of this month I will be leaving Baltimore. I know...I know its a big step and big news...This past week I handed in my 2 weeks notice to my job of over 7+ years.  I have told family.  I have told friends. I have told colleagues.

This is a big step for me across the board. I have not been without an a actual "9-5" in almost 20 years.  (No seriously. I have worked since '95. A few times I have actually 2 jobs at the same time!) I have only called Baltimore home my entire life and for some, I have lived a lifetime. I am moving to a city where I know no one (Charlotte). 

In a way, I am sort of like a late bloomer if you will. The last few years I have told people that I can't wait until my Facebook profile says "From Baltimore,  Lives in XXXXXX"  I know it seems a little dreamish or almost storybookish in an insignificant simple kind of way but to me it's the simple things that matter. Through the years I have expressed my desire to leave and have heard…(I want to call them naysayers but that might come off a little cruel so I'll go pessimistic associates and friends) the pessimists say "oh you aren't going anywhere" or "you'll still be here." I have had opportunities in the past to leave but I always erred on the side of being cautious or not wanting to take a "leap of faith." The truth is because my oldest sister and my mom had been sick the past few years of my life, I didn't feel it was the right time to leave. The thought of tragedy is what kept me close to home. My oldest sister left this world 4 years ago and my mom left this earthly plane last year. After going through the last experience, I felt it was time. I still have the rest of my family but they are in good spirits. It's just as I get older and examine my life, I realize that I want to have No Regrets. I am wholeheartedly ready to take that leap of faith except now I don't consider it a leap of faith but more of a step in the  continuance of the right direction. 

I am getting to that age when I start to look back on my life and take note of how my life has been. I graduated from college with a degree in art 10 years ago. I can say that I am better off in my life now then I have ever been but I also know that the last few years outside of love, tragedy and art have been filled with contentment. I know have put myself in a place where I can focus on things that I should have focused on all the while. 

My girlfriend said to me recently, "Your going to have some time to really devote to your art..." And she is right. My art will rise to the forefront of my life. I have been able to focus on creating more work lately but now while I actively pursue jobs in my new city, I will be filling the majority of my downtime with art. I have started focusing on my Goddess Series more in the past few months and evolving that so I am curious as to how that work progresses over the next few months.

The more I think of my move, the more all I can see is the upside of my future. I am glad that I am taking this time right now in my life  to spread my wings. Not only does if feel exciting…it feels right. Don't fret my faithful few though. You guys are definitely going along for the ride.

Until next week…


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