Saturday, July 3, 2010

Repost from my Vegetrarian Blog...

Hello faithful few, this weekend I figured I would repost my blog entry from my vegetarian blog. You can find can find my other blog at Without further ado-

So…it’s been quite awhile since I wrote here. A little over 3 months! Seems like an eternity huh, lol. Well fret not, hopefully I will get back to writing these posts more often.
I have been keeping up with my Monday/Thursday vegetarian days quite faithfully. On some occasions I have even added day(s) in. On those days I found myself, when it came time to eat, deciding against including meat as an option to my meal. I mean Monday/Thursday is so far instilled in my consciousness that those days I just go with the flow.
We have reached the month of July. We have crossed over into the realm of the latter half of the year. On Wednesday I decided that when the first rolled around, I would try a two week trial. For two weeks straight I will eat as if I am already a full vegetarian. At the end of my two weeks it will bring me into what is now a vegetarian Thursday. Which would mean that the next time I eat meat would be on a Friday.
I am not going to look at this trial period as a countdown to when I will eat meat again but as a way to gauge how I will feel after not eating meat for that period of time.
Is it a bit extreme? I think not. I mean I have been easing my way into the transition thus far. Why not give diving in a try! I really want to work on getting healthier the closer I get to 40 (I am 35 1/2; I bet my girl is going to get a kick out of that!!!). I have witnessed firsthand the results of not living a healthy lifestyle. I mean, I have for so long said this is the year. This is the year I start living healthier. Every New Years roll around and I made that same resolution to say “this is the year that I get healthy.” It just never seemed to come to pass. This past year, my oldest sister died and she was only 37! I promised myself that this year I would stop talking about it and decided that I would be about it. I full intend to follow through. I believe my future is bright. I have a wonderful girlfriend, my family has gotten closer and I have some great friends. I will push myself to stay the course and I will have faith.
I have talked you guys ears off enough already, so now I will take my leave.
Enjoy life because you only get one…

Until sometime next week, namaste and stay strong...

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