Saturday, June 9, 2012

Aluminum Bluetooth Keyboard for iPad Review...

I am typing this using my new bluetooth keyboard for my iPad. Its pretty cool but also weird at the same time. The keyboard is probably the same width as the the on-screen keyboard but it gives your more viewable screen space on your iPad. I also found out that certain word processing apps don't exactly work with the bluetooth keyboard. I am using Pages to type this post out. IA Writer didn't seem to recognize the keyboard actions(EDIT: I stand corrected, IA Writer does recognize the keyboard). I do know that it works in notes and reminders but IA Writer and Pages are the only word processing apps that I currently have.


The keyboard has a row of function keys that actually controls functions on the iPad. One day to bring up the on-screen keyboard as well. There are keys to adjust the brightness as well as the volume. There are even keys to control the music and video player. There is also dedicated keys for the home button and spotlight search, which works just like they do directly on the iPad. The keys are spaced pretty decently and the don't fill cramped which is great since its not a full size keyboard. I have yet to see how long it last on a single charge since this is just my second use of it since i got it on Thursday. I will update you guys on this when I find out. I've included a few pics of the keyboard and of it attached to my iPad. I just thought i would give you guys a little review of this Aluminum Bluetooth Keyboard. You can pick one up on Amazon for as little as $20 before shipping. Great deal.











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