Saturday, February 23, 2013


There will always be a time when you look back on where you came from. A time when you reflect on where your life is now to where it was before. You will also find yourself reflecting on where you are headed or more like where you are going. Sometimes when looking back, we might find that in our current state that we aren't where we expected to be based in what we felt in the past. Meaning "when I grow up I'm going to be a fireman!" Whereas now that we are grown we are an insurance salesman. Not to say that there is something wrong with being an insurance salesman but we deviated from our original goal growing up. Now my example is quite a big leap but let's take a look at that for a minute.

When we were younger our view of the world, especially in the last quarter century or so, had greatly been affected by the ever-changing and rapidly changing modern society. Now when I say "we", I am talking about the generation before the Millenials and Gen Y. We saw a change in the way people the way we made goals. We saw how society right before our eyes were creating things that made it easier...maybe easier is not a good word for this point. Let's say...we have witnessed with the advent of the computer and the super information highway, a means of progressing through life in some aspects with ease. Again not necessarily a bad thing but still something that has contributed to the rise of lesser need of certain older skills and practices. I mean I graduated from college 10 years ago. When I was in art school there really wasn't direct degree programs for video game design. You had to take a more traditional approarch to video game design...i.e., graphic design, illustration, etc...I mean about 5 years after I had graduated, there was an influx of schools that offered BFAs in Game Design. I mean this is a burgeoning field that Millenials,Gen Y'ers and Gen Z'ers will more than likely dominate for the foreseeable future. Something complex yet simple, has changed the way we for the most part view success in some circles.

Sometimes now we are judged and we judge ourselves based upon how we adapt to this ever-changing world. Some of us cope, some of us find it a struggle. I am always finding myself question whether or not I am doing all I can do to better myself or to get to where I believe in my heart and my psyche, where I should be. Whenever I enter into this discourse with myself or my peers, I find it easy to sometimes forget that "you have to break a few eggs to make an omelet..." Now I know that nowadays there are things such as "egg beaters" and "egg replacers" that can probably make a better omelet (LOL) but at the end of the day, we should strive to measure our success not by our progress but our struggle to get where we are going.

Frederick Douglass said it best, "...If there is no struggle there is no progress..." I hope this post came off coherent and not too all over the place. Until next time...




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