Saturday, March 8, 2014

Adult Choices...

You know faithful few sometimes I look at myself as a late-bloomer. I have friends who I have known more than half of my life, in some instances 3 decades, (Yes, I am telling my age...) who have families or are married. Now I am not comparing myself to them, I am just pointing out the differences in our current situations. I am happily involved with a very supporting and loving young lady who I love with all my heart so I found happiness. It's just a lot of things have always come later than now for me. I recently had a conversation with one of my new coworkers who is exactly 10 years younger than me but has been married for 11 years!

Now I know what you guys are thinking right now..."Hmmm, is he ready to be married?" and no that's not it. That just so happens to be the example that I chose to start this blog off with. The theme of this blog if you will is Adult Choices. I have always been mature for my age but I've still had that little big kid in my guiding me some of the time. My one friend would say that the choices I made were right for me at the time and that I made the most of them but on some instances I would beg to differ.
While some of my friends were going hard in the work force, I chose to go to college and mind you I made the adult choice to put myself through college...I still sometimes see where I could have attacked things differently.

Like I regret to going to school in Chicago a couple of years after I graduated from art school. My sole decision for not going, was pretty much that I felt like I wouldn't be able to go to school that far from home and work at the same time. Right there my big inner kid overruled the adult in me and decided against taking the Adult Choice and going for it. Who know where I could have been right now...

Recently I have been taking the Adult Choices option and going for it... (see my leap of faith to quit my job and relocate to Charlotte) I have always made the Adult Choice when it came to my finances for the most part, its just other parts of my life that I am slow to make it happen with. I can say that in the past few months I have gotten really good at kicking the big inner kids ass and making sure that I do whats best. So I am getting there. Don't get me wrong there is nothing wrong with being a late bloomer, Peter Roget invented the Thesaurus at 73! That's all I have for you guys this week.

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