Saturday, June 14, 2014

A New Adventure Begins...

So I just started a new job a few weeks ago. And the cool thing about this new adventure is that I like my job. I love the interaction with people. As much as I always tell people that I don't like people but I loved that I can get a reaction out of people. My personality always seem to bring the best out of people. You would think that I would be some sort of performance artist with my background.

All in all this adventure has been good for me so far. It has really lifted my spirits up a lot. Last few months for me have been tough and it just keeps getting tougher but I always feel like it makes me stronger. It helps me feel slightly empowered and I gotta say that's a good feeling. Next week I hope to have some new images for you guys. Don't hold me to it though;)

Until next week...




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