Saturday, September 13, 2014

Umbrella...where have you gone??

I have always been one of those ppl(kids even) who hated carrying around extra stuff. Whether it be a jacket, a sweater, a bag or even an umbrella(hold on to that one). The reason being is that I am the type that will leave those things behind. Or even subconsciously lose them.

I like having my hands free of stuff when I'm traveling and moving about. So it's so easy for me to forget that I was carrying something extra with me. Especially if I'm not using it. Case in point, yesterday it rained cats and dogs here in Charlotte and I got drenched. It was almost like I fell in a lake. That's how drenched I was. So today I decided to take my umbrella with me. The weather man did say we were going to have rain the next few days. It rained briefly on my way home and I put my umbrella up briefly but then it stopped. So I put my umbrella back in its rain sheath (it was a really nice umbrella) and then slipped it in the side of my bag. Apparently it slipped out the bottom of my grocery back which had gotten wet. I didn't notice it until I was almost home and it started to rain again. Crazy, right? What have you lost? Or left behind?

That's all I have for you guys today.

Until next week...


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