Saturday, October 4, 2014

A New New Thing...

I have started to pick up my iPad and read again. I know what your saying, "Why would you stop reading????" I have just been too busy. But thats not what I really want to tell you guys. The real big deal about it for me is that, I have been pulling out phrases and words that have spoken to me.

I have begun to jot them down. One of the first phrases I found intrigued me a lot. I am hoping I can squeeze some time in to see what I can come up on an illustrative level. In a way its like writing a book. You come up with the title and then you plan what you are going to put on the pages.

I need to find any and everything I can to keep me motivated. I need to get back in the flow of things so I can really feel like myself. Thats all for this weeks folks. I know its a quick post but I figured I'd still share. Maybe next week I will have some sketches for you guys.

Until next week...


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