Saturday, July 18, 2015 ain't easy...

I sometimes wonder if I take the easy way out of things.

Your like, "That's a weird way to start a post..."

But follow along with me for a few...

I have been blogging for years but lately sometimes I have found myself reposting blogs/writings across services. In a way its not that strange that I would do something like that. Not everything I post here or on other sites get seen by the same audiences. So by reposting, I get it to reach a little farther.

I used the term "easy" earlier not necessarily to point out something bad but to point out that I been kind of taking shortcuts in doing certain this instances blogging. I've started using the site Medium recently and as I was deciding what I was going to write next for my page on there...I was like, I'll just repost whatever I write there this week here. I noticed this made it harder for me to focus on something at least a little cohesive. What that did though was give me the topic for this post. Brainstorming and contemplating works in mysterious ways.

I glad I could have this discussion with you guys this weekend. That's all I have this weekend faithful few.

Until next week...


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