Saturday, November 28, 2015

Glue... Why hast thou eludeth me??

So for the past 2 weeks, I have been trying to buy some glue. Yes I said 2 weeks and glue. I have been to stores quite a few times with the intention of buying glue only to get sidetracked. Yesterday was the craziest instance.

I went in to the store. Picked up some of the stuff I needed and started towards the aisle with the glue and said, I'll grab it on the way out... Mind you I was really tired from work and just wanted to go home. I got what I needed and left. I did not realize until I was almost home, that I forgot the GLUE!!!  That was my main reason for going. Crazy... Hashtag AmIRite? #hashtag (Lol... a little weird, dorky me thing.)

Well that's all I have for you guys this week. I just wanted to share this funny little story with you guys.

Until next week...


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