Friday, November 16, 2007


Its that time again people. I had no real idea of what I was going to write about in my second week here. I had kicked some ideas around in my head; I even thought about just posting some of my old writings from my sketchbook. Still didn't have anything to give you guys. I wanted to real bring something new this week. I had hoped to have something banged out by at least saturday that I felt at the time would be worthy of human consumption but alas nothing. Today while I was relaxing and be contemplative, I got a text from my manager at work, which stated that Larry Scott died. I was taken aback by this text message. My response to her was, Wow! So I did a little research and found out that it was indeed true. I had always heard about him and his work but had never really met him. I remember having a conversation with an actor from The Wire (Clarke Peters) about him. He told me about this Baltimore artist he knew named Larry Scott and how good his work was. So I looked him up online and then found his work. I instantly became enamored with his work. I found it to be very urban. Then when I saw his picture, I was like I know this guy. Not on a personal level but just in passing in The neighborhood of my job and at my job (Mt. Vernon). So it was through this conversation I started recognizing that that was him, Larry Scott. I even went so far as to say that Clarke Peters told me about you. So from time to time when he would come to my job to get his art supplies (He really had a thing for Chroma drawing ink) he would ask, "You seen Clarke lately?" I would be like he stopped by or naw haven't seen him in awhile. Just from the exchanges we had out side of the coffee shop near my job or at my job I could tell that he had a great sense of humor. His passing just reminded me of how short our time is on this planet. Of how we should live not only for our futures but for the moment, because we never know when we will draw our last breathe.

Going forward, in a way I am glad I had the opportunity albeit a brief an opportunity it was, to have at least engaged this man in some aspects of my life. It opened my eyes alot to all of the talented artist that are living here in Baltimore making good work and to realize that as an artist I should enlighten myself to the diverse and multitude of art that is being made by these artist that I may or may not be aware of.

Until next week sometime...

"Good, bad, you want to bring out whatever's inside, not hide it."
-Larry Scott

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realgoldenbrown said...

Life is short, we never know the days or hours we have. Living, not just exhisting... being a productive member of the world; meeting people, touching people's lives is what LIFE is about.

Larry Scott wasn't just a person who died. You knew him. In your own way, you knew who he was. Interacting with him, then seeing his work made a connection for you. As all artists hope to make a voice from their work to their audience and that's why Larry's presence in your life won't be forgotten. A connection was forged.

I hope someone can say a kind word about me one day. Hopefully I can make a small impact on someone's life, for even a moment; maybe my life will have meaning.