Saturday, November 10, 2007

My First Blog Post!

This is my very first post. I will try to every week on some random day post a blog on what, when, where, and how I am doing in my artistic endeavors. I am hoping that by creating this blog, I will be able to start a running dialogue and conversation about my work. My goal is to have a running record of what I am doing as well as keep somewhat of an online journal as to what transpires in my artistic life. I don't know if anyone will ever read this or quite understand what I am going for but I will continue to post. Occasionally, I may rant and rave about something but I feel as though this blog will be here to help you the reader(or me) as to the madness and meaning of the work that I am going to create and undertake. Right now I am trying to do alot of work and I am applying for shows/exhibitions.

In August, I was in a group show at the ARC Gallery in Chicago called, The 8 X 8 show and I currently am participating in a show in Atlanta called "The Sketchbook Project." The "Sketchbook Project," is a show to benefit a rape crisis center in Dekalb County, Georgia. It is a show where artist were given sketchbooks and over the course of about a month we had to create in these books. The theme for the books was "Fear." So we had to write, create or do what ever we wanted to this books, but the had to relate to our fears in some way. This was kind of a hard subject matter for me to deal with because I had to in someways pour the contents of my soul out sometimes. I managed to get it done but in some instances some of the things I wrote and illustrated showed emotions that I knew I had in me but that I don't readily emote.

Over the last couple of years my work has fluctuated from representational to abstract and back and forth. I have begun to veer back towards being more representational like I was in school, especially now that I have undertaken improving my portfolio so I can apply to grad school again and hopefully be reward for having a remarkable body of work(since the cost of grad schools are astronomical, but seriously it is...have you seen the cost per credit hours at some of these schools...sheesh!)

I want to take a more forward approach to my work. I want to constantly keep cranking the work out first and be more productive heading into the new year, even if I don't think that it is good or great work.

Until sometime next week, stay focused and stay sharp...

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