Saturday, December 15, 2007

2 weeks!(Just about)

Hello faithful few(trust me next year I am going to have alot of people reading and subscribing to my blog). There are just about two weeks left in this year and soon I will begin posting my resolutions here. I know one of them will be to CREATE MORE. Later here I have been starting work and then stopping work only to pick up on it later or months down the road. Right now I am in the midst of 4 separate projects, not to mention I need to photograph my new stuff for my portfolio. I need to come up with a way in which I can devote more time to my craft. Maybe instead of trying to be more spontaneous with it, I should set aside a time period where I say, "This is when I will go about the business of making wondrous works of Art!" Hopefully that will ignite a fire and I can perhaps get better focused on what I am doing. Well thats all I have for you guys this week.

As always...Until next week, stay strong...

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