Saturday, December 22, 2007

The Holidays

Happy Holidays!!!!!
Well its the time again, my few faithful, another weekly post is amongst you. Let me start by saying I love the holidays but for some reason I find it hard to get excited about it these days. Maybe because I look forward to my birthday(which is a couple of weeks away). Enough of that, now to the business at hand.

I have begun to employ the use of Xerox transfers in work. Its is a pretty straightforward approach with magnificent results. For the time being I am working kind of small with it(8" x 10" and up). Alot of artists employ this technique to some degree of success but I want to take it to a somewhat different level. In the beginning I will be very basic with it but as I get more involved with it, I will begin to do more of a deconstructing process with it. More along the lines of putting it down and removing it then re-applying it and then repeating the process.

I am more involved mentally with my work then ever. I have had a more interpersonal approach to creating art and I am really driving myself to produce more involved and focused works of art. I am definitely trying to carry myself into the new year on a high note.

Until next week sometime, stay strong...

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