Friday, January 4, 2008

Enter 2008...

I would like to welcome you, my faithful few, to the year 2008! Man, can you believe it. Where is all the time going? I don't really have alot to say this week. It is such a shame this being my first post of the year and all, but I am going back on what I said in last weeks post. I won't list all my resolutions here but instead I will give you a few each week until the end of January. So for now lets get down to it.

New Years' Resolution
  1. I will combat my procrastination.
  2. I will remain focused on creating more art.
  3. I will promote myself more effectively as an artist.
Well that's all I will give you for now. I hope I have at least mildly whetted your appetite to see what I bring to you guys in my next few posts. Hopefully I will feel more up to unleashing a plethora of brain fodder for you guys to gnaw on.

Until next week sometime, namaste and stay strong...

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