Saturday, April 19, 2008


Hello faithful few, How are you guys doing? This week for you guys I am going to be pretty brief. I am sorry but its just a sort of thought that I had come to my mind at work today.

I alot of times feel as though I don't belong. In my quest to be a nonconformist, I feel as though I am alienated wherever I go or in whatever I do. On a grand scale, I enjoy it and have come accustomed to being different or not fitting in. I think for all intentful purposes, it furthers my mental capacity as an artist. In a small setting I think it kind of casts an awkward eye on me. It makes me seem like I am anti-social or that I want to be the black sheep (No pun intended). In any case, I am ok with things just the way the are, FOR NOW! Well that's my post for this week folks.

Until sometime next week, namaste and stay strong...

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