Saturday, May 10, 2008


Hello faithful few, how is everyone doing this weekend? I am just stopping by to say hello and tell you guys a little about my week. Not too big of a post this week. Well my week started out pretty boring. I have just been trying to come up with ideas for placing butterflies in my work. I also have been playing around with the idea of more self-portrait type work. You know make it more personal. I worked pretty hard this week at my job. I need to somehow find a way to incorporate more time to work on my art into my work week, you know! Today I am going to try and bang out a couple of sketches. Well I gotta jet. Sorry for the short post this week but I am feeling the creative juices flowing.

Until next week sometime, namaste and stay strong...

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Roscheeta said...

Let It Flooowww

Singing that to the "let it snow" music. LOL